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Apr 21, 2008 11:31 AM

Gluey potato and leek soup

Help! What do I do with gluey potato and leek soup? Can I thin it out with lots (I already tried some) of water/broth? Or do I just start over? What did I do wrong? I suspect I cooked it too long and then manhandled it. The flavor is good. I used ham hocks to make a broth, then added potatos and leeks sauteed in bacon grease.

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  1. The potato variety can make a difference - and I think that the food processor is a no-no (not saying you used it, of course).

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    1. re: vanessao

      Well, I used a blender (that's what the recipe recommended). You think that may have been it? How else do you get it smooth, though?

      1. re: ChineseChou

        How long did you have the blender going? I suspect that it's like mash, if you work it too much, the gluten starts going. I use russets for the soup if that's all I have, but I just pulse it in the blender. Sometimes I just use the masher right in the pot, which works well if you like a chunkier texture.

        Unfortunately, I have no idea how to fix the batch you have.

      2. re: vanessao

        Yes, always better to stay away from high starch potatoes like russet/idaho and use reds or yukon golds

      3. Maybe you can pass i through a sieve and thin it with some cream or water/broth

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        1. re: bw2082

          Did you use a blender to break up the potatoes, or later on to puree the soup?

          1. re: grant.cook

            I used the blender to puree the soup. And of course, I used Idahos. Oh, well, I will know better next time.

            1. re: ChineseChou

              I've done potato soups where I used a bit of both - Idahos and Red Bliss.. each added something. Based on a recipe in CI..

        2. Mashed potatos can definitely get gluey if they are overworked. So that is what I am suspecting is at the root (!!!) of the problem here.

          Along with the good thoughts about potato variety.

          1. I use a foley mill that was my grandmothers & never have a problem.
            They still make them!

            1. Once it's gluey, not much will help.

              Potatos of any type will get gluey if you process them in a food processor or blender, since the sharp blades liquify the starch molecules.

              Better to food mill or rice the potatoes.