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Apr 21, 2008 11:24 AM

Kosher for passover cake needed!

Does anyone have a recommendation for an above-average passover-friendly cake venue? In terms of location, the bakery must be easily accessible from Cambridge. (I do have a car, but not much time to spare).
help! thanks!

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  1. I believe Whole Foods carries a brand that is packaged, and baked in a certified facility...Aunt Izzie's, maybe?

    1. I picked up some excellent matzoh and macaroons at Clear Flour this weekend. I see they also have a few Passover cakes on their menu. I would call to confirm if they still have them.

      1. Perhaps too late for the OP, but Vicki Lee Boyajian (now just called Vicki Lee's, I believe), on Trapelo Road in Belmont (easily accessible from Cambridge), makes excellent Passover cakes.

        1. Not sure if this is too late but I know Formaggio Kitchen was selling kosher for Passover cakes.