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Apr 21, 2008 10:54 AM

Cheap eats in Redmond?

I'm heading to Cirque du Soleil this weekend at Marymoor Park...does anyone have any recommendations for casual places to eat in Redmond (Bar food, burgers, sandwiches, etc)?

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  1. There's casual Mexican family places on Leary Way - El Toreador and Acapulco Fresh

    Celtic Bayou

    Typhoon in Bella Bottega.

    Pho Than Brothers - creme puff + large bowl of beef noodle soup for $6, tax + tips included.

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    1. re: HungWeiLo

      Avoid Celtic Bayou. It's horrendously bad and a disgrace to Cajun food.

        1. re: fooey

          And the Redmond branch is considered to be one of their worst ones, too.

          1. re: HungWeiLo

            What are the better ones? There's one on Univ. Ave, but I tend to avoid all things there.

            1. re: fooey

              There are at least 8 to 10 outlets in the area. They're located (according to Google Maps):

              Aurora & 47th
              Hwy 99 (close to the Edmonds 99 Ranch)
              Everett Mall Way
              W. Seattle
              Capitol Hill
              Bellevue Crossroads

              I think the Aurora and U-Dist ones are kinda dirty, but they do have the best soup. Although I live closer to the Edmonds one, so that's the one I tend to go to more often. Pasteur in Everett is my new favorite place for cheap Vietnamese, although it's a bit of a drive.

    2. I really love Gyro-to-go (Kronos) off Redmond Way which is walking distance from Marymoor.

      It's in the same complex as the Verizon Wireless / Kinkos and McDonalds. $5 for a Gyro packed full of meat.

      1. If you like Indian, I think Kanishka has one of the better buffets in the greater Seattle area.

        1. Another vote for Than Bros Pho b/c i have a pho obsession these days. 2 small phos and water for ~$10.

          Also, Oobas mexican grill. I love the chipotle pork quesadilla and my husband loves their steak burritos. Lunch for two plus 2 sodas for under $20.

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          1. There's Ruby's Diner in Redmond Town Center. Burgers and shakes are pretty good. The decor is a bit much, but food is good.