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Apr 21, 2008 10:45 AM

Girls night out in Seattle, suggestions?

Hi All,

My sister is considering law school at the U of Seattle, and i've decided to accompany her to visit seattle this weekend. Neither of us have been and are looking forward to a little weekend adventure.

We're staying at the Sheraton downtown, close to pikes place. She's coming from Toronto and I live in pittsburgh, but travel extensively for work. We're going to check out pikes for lunches, but any recommendations on places for dinner for two gals in their mid 20's? food is important, but vibe/people watching would be a close second. Looking for restaurants that are vibey like lounges or turn into lounges later at night, or maybe a fun pub? We eat pretty much everything, but i'd say sushi/sashimi is our favorite.

I read a bit about some of the Tom Douglas restaurants, and those sounded pretty fun.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Palace Kitchen is a fun dinner / late night drink spot downtown (this is a Tom Douglas establishment) that I prefer because it's a few blocks away from 1st ave in Belltown, where the college student freshmen get drunk stumble around late at night. Palace Kitchen is better for the mid-20 crowd.

    1. I've done a few girls night out dinners at Black Bottle in Belltown. They call it a gastropub but whatever it may be....great shared plates, wine list and good cocktails. A great starting place for an evening out. I also like The Alibi Room in Pike Market. Dark, loungy vibe. Sometimes DJs spin downstairs.

      1. You should check out Umi Sake House. Sushi and Sashimi, tends to become more bar like as the night goes on, great people watching, and lots of bars around if you want to hop around later.

        1. I was gonna suggest Umi Sake House too. Great, inventive, sushi and fun young atmosphere, without being obnoxious or super loud. There are also, like, three happy hours a night.

          1. Purple Cafe is great for dinner! Maximilion in the Market is a good find for lunch or brunch or a drink (located behind the flying fish place, very much a "french bistro" vibe) great views of Elliot Bay. Also the Pink Door is fun, try to get a table on the patio, weather permiting. Have Fun!

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              Thanks for the suggestions! Umi sake house defintely seems up our alley. I heard that purple cafe and pink door were fun as well.