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Apr 21, 2008 10:36 AM

Chester's Fried Chicken downtown?

I live in the Dufferin Grove Park area (south/east of Dufferin and Bloor) and on occasion on the street, I see a distinctive blue paper box with a smiling chicken on it. It's a Chester's Fried Chicken box! Obviously someone in the neighbourhood is enjoying late night fried chicken! I've googled it and there was a Chester's at Dufferin/Bloor but it's no longer there, it's a subpar roti shop now. Does anyone know where I can get Chester's downtown???

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  1. I *think* I recall seeing one while I was cycling on Howard St. Howard is this little street that runs east off of Sherbourne, south of Bloor a little.

    1. Its just south of Dufferin Mall, look for the green Starbank convenience store sign, and you'll find Chesters Chicken inside... yummmmm.

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        omg, thank you Jayseeca. Tonight, Bobby Wham and I biked to The Crossways "mall" where there's a Chester's Express take out place and ordered the chicken but it did NOT come in the special box. And the chicken was really mediocre. Will definitely check out the Starbank store!

      2. I don't think Chester's exerts any control over places that sell it beyond supplying the recipe. I've had it, though rarely, in quite a few places. I recall it to have been good on occasion. The Chester's chicken at Thorncliffe Market Place went straight into the garbage can the last time I braved it.

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          the Starbank location is pretty good... for your chain fried chicken places, I'd say its better than Popeyes, KFC... blahblah. and yummy fried wedges!

        2. There's one at Queen and Broadview, in the east end.

          1. Walked by Batala Variety today; north side of St Clair just east of Glenholme and across from Oakwood Collegiate. They make and sell Chester's. Smells and looks good though I can't vouch for the taste since I haven't tried it yet.