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Apr 21, 2008 10:32 AM

L.A. Wine Fest?

Anyone been to the L.A. Wine Fest in past years? I just got an email about it from Goldstar events (it's July 12-13), I'll post the description below my message. Anyway, I'm wondering has anyone been to this before, how was it? Also, what does the cost of the ticket ($30 per day through Goldstar events, plus $4.50 service fee; regular price is $45 for one day or $80 for 2 days) include? Just admission, or admission and a certain number of wine tastings, or unlimited tastings and presentations? If anyone has any info on this event, please post it. Thanks!

The 3rd Annual LA Wine Fest, California’s most exciting event for wine lovers, is coming to Hollywood. Ideal for anyone with an appreciation for, or interest in, fine wines, the two-day event offers both connoisseurs and amateur tasters alike the opportunity to mingle with fellow wine lovers, rub elbows with Hollywood's elite, and partake in one of the most appreciated traditions on the west coast.

The festival, which will take place at Hollywood's historic Raleigh Studios, is proud to work with several charities whom will benefit from this event, including the YMCA, the Children's Tumor Foundation and Beyond Shelter.

Throughout the weekend, wine makers and world-renowned sommeliers will guide visitors through wine and cheese tasting, as well as give presentations to educate those interested in furthering their passion and understanding of wine. The event promises to be a fantastic mélange of locals as well as visitors to the Hollywood area the perfect opportunity to plan a trip with friends or family to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience.

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  1. I was wondering the same thing...

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      Well, here is a link to the website which lists the wineries signed up so far.
      Hope it expands considerably between now and July, as the current roster is nothing wonderful.

    2. I've gone the last two years (since it's inception, I think) and am planning to go again this year. I'm not sure what Godstar is, I got an email from one of the coordinators offering me $10 off the regularly priced ticket.

      Basically, admission gets you access to every table and every wine- unlimited. The first time I went it was being held in Hollywood (where escapes me) and we were staring down rows of tables. 100 tables might be a hihg estimate but it is close. Every table had several wines- lots of every kind you can possibly imagine. The second year it was held at the Queen Mary. Again, kind of a similar set up except there was also a tequila tasting and some other novelty type tables- I THINK there were less than the year before but still a lot. I would guess that this year will have a similar set up in a hopefully nicer venue. (QM was too hot and crowded.) I can't emphasize enough that it is a lot of wine- the first year we had to take a few breaks and the second year, some people were looking absolutely blitzed by the last row of tables. (Tip: don't down the wine- sip it and only a little of it. They also provide cheese and crackers but actually ran out last year)

      I really like the LA Wine Fest. Neither my fiance or I were wine experts and certainly aren't now and this event was a great way to sample tons of wines and really get an idea of what we liked. We found some marvelous wines through this event.

      I didn't do any of the special events- didn't think they would be worth it. I would recommend buying tickets for one day, getting there early, and taking your time.

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        Thanks for all the helpful info! FYI, Goldstar ( offers discounted tickets to all kinds of area events...mostly shows, but once in a while a food event shows up. The $10 off regular price ($45) discount you were offered makes it basically equivalent to Goldstar, who are charging $30 but have a service fee of almost $5. Thanks again!

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          No problem. One thing I forgot to mention is that I've seen similar events for $80 a person that limit your intake to a few selections. I think LA Wine Fest is a pretty good deal. Also, you can't buy the wines to take home there, but you can order them. There is usually an LA Wine Fest discount.

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            The wine fest is fantastic and the opportunity to taste all of these different wines is worth the price. You may also want to check out Stubdog ( as they are also offering discount tickets to this event. Discounted day passes as well as a discounted wine tasting with Georg Riedel and you get free glass's! Stubdog also has discount tickets to the LA Wine Fest's reserve wine charity dinner as well as area events. See you at wine fest!

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          1. according to website..event is june 5th and 6th. is there another one in july?

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