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Apr 21, 2008 10:01 AM

anyone tried Genevieve gin yet?

I've seen several ads for Genevieve Gin from Anchor Brewing Co, and wonder if anyone here has tried it yet. If so, what do you think, and what other gins do you like so I can get a frame of reference.

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  1. Being a Holland style gin, one can't really compare it to the London style. Before tasting some, I heard it described as "funky" and "an acquired taste", after tasting it I'd very much agree with those characterizations. I quite liked it, but the sort of whiskey/gin flavor was certainly unexpected. If possible I'd recommend tracking down a bar that has it on their shelf and getting a taste to make sure you don't end up with a bottle gathering dust in your liquor cabinet. It's definitely worth trying though.

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      Sounds yummy.... my local liquor store doesn't carry it yet, I can't wait to try it. :)

      1. re: theginguy

        Wally's, K & L Wine Merchants...those are my default locations. If it helps

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        Actually, one of the things that intrigued me was that they were marketing it as a Genever style. I didn't know whether they really meant it.Having lived in Delft for a year, I acquired a taaste for genever, although not as a substitute for English gin. Really only for drinking straight. Thanks for the info though. Now I'll have to hunt a bottle of it.

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          See if you can find Van Gogh gin- it is a true Dutch-style gin and is very good

        2. Have two bottles at home after having in the Netherlands. Very herbal. They have two kinds Young and Old Genervire(sp) I preffered the young as it was closer to Gin

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            Anchor doesn't have an Oulde or a Jonge Genever, just their Genevieve.

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              Their Genevieve is a Jonge, however.

          2. It's a bit more full of botanicals than most real Genever/Holland Gin. I tend to like some of the authentic ones for their heavy malt flavor, but Anchors is not bad at all. Quite tasty in fact, and there are some lighter styles of Genever out there nowadays so it isn't out of character.

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              For those of us who are lucky enough to have a liquor store call "Total Wines" nearby, they sell Van Gogh Gin. This is the first place in the states that I have found that sells Dutch Gin. Here is the link that has the store locator

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                Lots of places in the US sell Dutch gin, and Van Gogh, which isn't really a Dutch style gin but a Dutch version of an London Dry style.

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                  Can you give me the name of some stores that sell it- I can only find Van Gogh- it is more to my taste than the London Dry gin.

            2. Anchor distilling was pouring it at Whiskyfest here in Chicago. I love gin, and their Junipero is great, but the Genevieve was not my taste. Had a very oily feel to it and not a pleasant aroma.

              1. Definitely an acquired taste. I wrote about it in my blog, if you want to track it down. Depending on whether you get the Jonge or the Oude, it can vary...but both are much more earthy and oily than English gin. Anchor's has an almost grappa-like nose to it. I actually prefer the Oude (I have some Boomsma at home) which is aged in barrels like scotch and is almost as complex (if not as strong). Careful, though.. hangover eminent if you drink more than 5 oz of it.