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Apr 21, 2008 09:53 AM

Taps, Beard Papa & Pinkberry in Corona

So I ventured east of the 15 to meet friends for brunch @ Taps' new location in Corona (Dos Lagos). The seafood/jazz brunch is nearly identical to the one in Brea, except the one in Corona had king crab legs (which were skinny tho good) and Beard Papa cream puffs.

The differences, however, were noticeable: this location isn't nearly as packed (nearly non-existent queues). This made for a slightly quieter, more relaxed dining and therefore a more enjoyable meal. And it was cheaper: $30/person.

When I picked up the Beard Papa cream puff, it came w/a card that said it was in the same Dos Lagos shopping center, where Taps is located. So after the meal, we strolled to Beard Papa. Though I'm not a huge fan of Beard Papa, Mr OCAnn loves them; so I bought a couple to take home. And next door to Beard Papa is Pinkberry (which appeared to be closed).

In any case, the gas prices wouldn't justify the cheaper brunch to Corona from where I am, but if I lived in east Anaheim, Taps in Dos Lagos would be my choice. The atmosphere there is much, much better.

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  1. Forgot to add the links....

    Taps Fish House & Breery
    2745 Lakeshore Drive, Corona, CA 92883

    Beard Papa Sweets Cafe
    2795 Cabot Dr, Corona, CA

    1. We went there for Easter brunch and were surprised that it wasn't terribly crowded! Even on weekend nights, it hasnt been too bad (yet).

      I dont know if Pinkberry has opened yet. Its really, really new.

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        There are several other restaurants located at Dos Logos Mall, in Corona. Urban Thai is great; Wood Ranch BBQ, Citrus City Grill are also open, and food is good. This mall is off Cajalco, off the 15 Freeway.