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Apr 21, 2008 09:27 AM

New Noodle place in Northampton.

There's a new Noodle restaurant coming in where Andiamo used to be on Main St.
in Northampton. The sign simply says NOODLES.

I've been saying for years that among many things, Northampton
could use an affordable noodle bar. Fingers crossed that it will be good!

If anyone knows about the owners let us know...

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  1. Yeah, I hope it'll be good, and that they won't try to do baked ziti, pad thai, lo mein and udon all in the same restaurant!

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      1. re: smittys

        You talking about Crazy Noodles in Amherst? The Italian stuff is pretty weak, but the Thai/Vietnamese noodles are great. Crazy Noodles tries to do pasta from Italy to Japan with varying success. And they just started carrying some wierd line of flavored teas. Really screwed up their Thai Iced Tea, which was fantastic.

        1. re: donl149

          Re; Crazy noodles in Amherst,

          Do you mean the bubble teas? I didn't try them, but they are pretty common down where I live and usually very good.
          I just went there last month and the soup was really great. Their smoothies are amazing, all fresh/frozen fruit, not fake sugary stuff!

        2. re: smittys

          Andiamo was a waste of retail space, hopefully Noodles has food with zing.

          1. re: fame da lupo

            I went the other day. Its owned by the people who own Siam Square on Pleasant St Nhamp.
            Had the spicy beef noodle soup with veggies. Very tasty broth but small bowl, meat was not well trimmed, and the veggies were few and far between. $6.50. Noticed other bowls coming out of the kitchen. Looked equally small and chinzy. Other diners didn't look too impressed either.
            Mediocre at best.