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Apr 21, 2008 09:25 AM

Need an items name link

Sorry if I'm repeat posting, i'm sure this may get posted alot.

What I'm looking for is a link or a point in the right direction for a US to UK product name list. I've recently purchased a few american cook books but i'm struggling with a few names of ingredients lol.

Thankyou in advance to whoever can sort me out

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  1. U.S. posters often have the same issue w/ UK cookbooks! There's a great small publication called "All You Need to Know About the British Kitchen" that I use a lot, and if there are some particular items that you are unsure of, I'd be happy to check for you.

    This might help as well, though it's a pretty short lis.

        1. re: PamelaD

          That's a great one - I'm just adding the full link (I've read that tinyurls expire?):

          1. re: MMRuth

            Cheers for the book look up offer if needed MMRuth, hopefully I won't need to bother you though. That list should keep me sorted for a while i think.
            Thanks to PamelaD for that link

            1. re: StuR328

              Not a problem - a number of us have been cooking from various Simon Hopkinson books this month on the Home Cooking board, and have been in need of some translation on occasion ourselves.