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Apr 21, 2008 09:24 AM

baby shower east brunswick nj locations???

can anyone recommend a place for a baby shower in east brunswick nj for approx 50 people. I am open to cuisine options.

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  1. You looking to do a lunch or dinner?
    Anyway, if you like Chinese food. Sunny Palace on Route 18 has a small banquet room that can hold around 50 people.

    I also think Ria Mar (sp?) in south river would be a nice place also. It's a portuguese restaurant.

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    1. re: yCf

      Ria-mar is great for parties.....heck, my family has EVERY party/funeral/event there.....

      not out of this world stellar food, but very good food and a NICE private party room thta will host your group of 50. I wouldn't recommend it to a true foodie for a nice couples dinner, as there are better options in the area, but for a baby has the perfect mix of a nice private room, and good food.

      I ate there on Saturday, the sangria is good and I could eat the picahinho all day!

      1. re: yCf

        I second Sunny Palace. Chinese restaurants are great for showers.

      2. Thai Chili is in Spotswood, the town immediately adjacent to E. Brunswick. You would probably have to take over the entire restaurant. Worth checking out because the food's very good. It's a BYO.

          1. re: Angelina

            Hey, Angelina,

            We went to Blue Water Seafood once. The food, in a word: horrible! Definitely a top candidate for worst. meal. ever!

            1. re: RGR

              so funny, RGR!! Don't ask me why I named that place. I have never been there, I just drive by it sometimes and always wonder how it is. Well, say no more I won't be going! ha ha!! My husband just hates how it looks outside. (I know not to judge a book by it's cover, but I will take your word for it!!!)

              1. re: Angelina

                I think the exterior is non-descript and inoffensive. What was thoroughly offensive was the food we were served. Mr. R. is much more forgiving than I am, but even he was appalled at how awful it was.

              2. re: RGR

                wow, i've never tried it as im not one to judge seafood (i just started eating it)...but dad says good things about it.

            2. Covino's on Route 130, North Brunswick will open Saturday or Sunday afternoon for private parties. You get the whole restaurant until 4 pm. Food and atmosphere are very good.

              1. Do not even consider blue water,Their dishes at best is uninspired, at worst.... inedible.Sunny palace is fine for dimsum but the rest of the menu is nothing special. I agree with RPMcMurphy about Ria Mar and it's a long shot but a fun place you might like is Makkoli sea food buffet. They do have a banquet space and the food is quite good for the price and area. Good luck.

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                1. re: currymouth

                  We attempted to reserve one of the back rooms for a private Dim Sum party at Sunny Palace a year or so ago... they told us they don't do that sort of thing during Dim Sum service.

                  1. re: cranrob

                    Sorry about that, but it does make sense considering how busy they are on the weekends.

                  2. re: currymouth

                    We haven't had dim sum at Sunny Palace, but I agree with you about the regular menu being blah. The only really good meal we've had there was a banquet which I arranged for a group of 12 people quite a few years ago. Not sure if they would do that for 50.

                    1. re: RGR

                      Most Chinese places offer a banquet menu, where large groups can have a choice of anywhere from 8 to 12 courses for a fixed number of people, but I have only eaten dinner at Sunny Palace once and not sure if they offer such a menu. Might be worth it for the OP to ask.

                      1. re: currymouth

                        They do have banquet menu. I had my wedding banquet there.
                        When I suggested Sunny Palace, I was thinking the OP could have a Dim Sum party. If they can't reserve a room during Dim Sim hours in weekend, I probably won't recommend it.
                        Anyway, here's the link with their banquet menu.