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Apr 21, 2008 09:18 AM

Mexican catering Collegeville area?

I'm new to the area and planning a surprise party with a Mexican Fiesta theme. Aside from chain restaurants, are there any relatively inexpensive caterers in the area? Thank you in advance!

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  1. I would check out Los Mariachis in Phoenixville. Great food, inexpensive & authentic! Great homemade flan too.
    201 Gay St, Phoenixville
    (610) 935-2659

    1. California Tortilla just opened up - it's really Limerick but I think the postal code is Collegeville. It's in the new Target/Giant/Fecera's/ACMoore shopping center.

      Mesa Grille in the Gateway shopping center - down from Trader Joe's.

      Tortuga's Mexican Eatery in Collegeville - by the Sears Hardware.

      Yes a chain but Qdoba at the intersection of 363 and Egypt.

      1. California Tortilla does a wonderful job catering! The Fajita Bar is great and at about $8.99 per person! They deliver, set up quickly and provide every thing you need. You can check them out at or call them directly at 610-831-1113, I would talk to Drew or Sean, both were very helpful.

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          I would classify California Tortilla as a chain restaurant and not authentic Mexican. Don't get me wrong, I occasionally indulge in their Thai Burrito, but that does not make it Mexican.