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Apr 21, 2008 08:52 AM

Restaurant by Lincoln Center

I am taking my family out to lunch after my sister's graduation. I don't know what is good near that area, so could anyone recommend a place I can take them to? I would say about $30 per person?

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  1. Bar Boulad might do for you, though $30 a person is a tight limit. Definitely look across north of 66th to get away from the pre theater stuff..

    Best thing nearby is Telepan... the lunch specials may be in your range.

    'cesca is at 74th (again the lunch specials may be in range, dinner definitely isn't)
    and for big gatherings I've had some nice (if not gourmand) meals at Sambuca on 72nd between Columbus and CPW where the food is cheap, the tables big and other grads will definitely be.

    1. Epices du Traiteur has been recommended to me a number of times - I'll be trying it out myself in a few weeks (70th and Columbus I think). The prices are quite reasonable. Also Kefi on 79th is good and inexpensive, but they don't take reservations - not sure if they're open for lunch, either, but you could certainly call. If I'm out with a group and want something informal, I usually go to Ollie's on Broadway or Empire Szechuan (69th I think).

      1. It's going to be tough to come in at $30/pp anywhere in the nabe other than Ollie's, especially if that includes wine and tip. Although I'm not a big fan, Il Violino at 69th and Columbus may be your best bet for that price.

        1. Compass (recommended above) does not serve lunch, unfortunately, only Sunday brunch, which is a very good deal at $28 for 3 courses, but I'm assuming this is not going to be on a Sunday. Sambuca does not serve lunch at all. You could just squeak by at Cafe Luxembourg if you only have one course. Empire Szechuan or Ollie's may be your best bet.

          1. If its on a weekday, you can go to JG (2 course pre-fixe for $28) and Nougatine (3 courses at $24).

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              I second that. Why didn't I think of it?

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                The two-course at Telepan also comes in under $30.