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Apr 21, 2008 08:35 AM

Emeril's Atlanta Closing.

This is from the Atlanta Business Journal

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  1. I suspect there won't be too many tears shed about this news ....

    What I find to be more interesting about the Business Chronicle story is how many other out-of-town "celebrity chefs" are going to be opening restaurants here in the near future. None of the descriptions sound particularly alluring to me. Atlanta's food scene sorely needs more good neighborhood restaurants, not more high-end corporate money pits.

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      You know, when I lived in Atlanta, I went to Tech for grad school, my favorite time was to find what is new on Buford Highway, or Little Five Points, or Virginia Highlands. That was mostly due to my budget at the time.

      The last time I went to Buckhead, I was really surprised to see how many high end restaurants there are there, including the celebrity driven restaurants. I kind of miss the little gems in the rough that I found.