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Apr 21, 2008 08:30 AM

Zorkafor's Sandveg

Looks like Zorkafor's Sandveg is open on King St. in Old Town. I peeked in and the had 4 or 5 tables and a counter, but I imagine most of their business will be carry-out. It's a twist on the Amsterdam Falafel concept, with a toppings bar but offering chicken, beef and hot dogs as well as falafel. If anyone is looking for an adventerous lunch in Old Town today, give us the scoop...

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  1. I've been watching this place for a while, wondering when it was going to open... thanks for the heads-up. I'll try it the next time I'm at my office (which is on the next block).

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      Ok, so I tried it. Color me less than impressed. A "SandVeg" is a pita pocket stuffed with shredded iceberg lettuce and your choice of: Falafel, "Veggies", Beef, Chicken, or a beef hot dog. They also have regular buns for hot dogs. That, by the way, is their entire menu of entrees. A "combo" will include fries (done in peanut oil) and a drink. Lest I forget, you can have "extras" on your SandVeg: Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, or Feta Cheese for $0.50. You can also add more an extra piece of falafel, chicken, beef, or hot dog for the same price (except $0.75 for chicken). The fries are advertised as "fresh cut," but I didn't get them, so I can't comment. I got myself a chicken SandVeg, and added hummus.

      All that said, it doesn't describe the concept of the place -- which is that they provide you a salad bar-ish array of veggie toppings to put on your sandwich after you get it (you're free to bag it yourself after you've topped your SandVeg, if you want it to-go). The chopped veggies include your standard lettuce (more lettuce?!), tomato, onion, carrots, etc., and then they throw in fancier things like fresh salsa, hot peppers, pickled beets, pickled turnip, pickled mini-eggplant, green olives and such. They have hot harissa, jalapeƱo, tahini, mustard, and a couple other spreads for toppings.

      My sandwich was ok the way I made it up... hard to complain about something you end up making yourself, of course. I detest shredded iceberg lettuce, though, so if I go back I'll ask them to leave it off, and probably add the feta. The hummus on it was ok, but the pita pocket itself was less than stellar... certainly not fresh baked. The four chicken breast nuggets on there were done appropriately -- juicy, not dry.

      So... there you go. I don't particularly think it's Chow-worthy, but you might like it if Mediterranean-style fast food is your thing.


      1. re: chinkleDC

        I went there today and had the falafel. It was a pretty good falafel. The fries were also good. All in all, it was pretty good, but I probably won't go there too often.

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