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Apr 21, 2008 08:28 AM

Lunch downtown

I am looking for a nice lunch place in the financial district. Something nice, not too expensive (not Bymark, Ki, Vertical, etc.), preferably connected to the PATH but since the weather seems to be cooperating this week, I dont mind walking a few blocks. I was thinking of Isakaya on Front (is it still there?), or that yummy Italian place on Adelaide (I forget the name!), or maybe Acko for sushi?

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  1. Isakaya is gone....Terroni on Adelaide East is great....Miranda

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      Great Cooks on Eight has a nice room and varied lunch menu. It is on the 8th floor of the Simpson Tower, on the southeast corner of Queen and Bay. Best to make reservations.

    2. I second Great Cooks, they have great food. Beer Bistro is pretty good as well.

      1. Also, try Mercatto - it's very loud but the food is great.

        1. Acko is pretty good
          There is also BeerBisrto - not connected to the PATH, but it is about 200feet from the King St subway exit