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Apr 21, 2008 08:07 AM

Source for good seafood market/source in Westchester

I've lived in southern Westchester now for nearly 20 years but have yet to find a good, reliable source for fresh fish. (I was in Barcelona recently and could have wept at the displays in both the markets and the supermarkets of extraordinary fresh glistening fish on mountains of ice.) I sometimes go to 125 St Fairway but even their fish is sometimes uninspiring. There used to be a couple of stands on Main St in New Rochelle that sold fresh fish but I was a little suspicious of the sources. Any good fish markets in the Arthur Ave area? I'm willing to travel a bit. Thanks!

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  1. I am not aware of any really terrific seafood/fish suppliers in lower Westchester. There is a seafood store on Main St. in New Rochelle, just west of North Ave on the south side of the street. The fish looked good, I made a seafood chili with the fish and it was fine, but not sure how it would be if cooked to set off the fish. La Maree in Mamaroneck is supposed to have good fish (in the flats area), they supply many restaurants, but the selection is limited. Believe it or not, I find the prices and quality best at Balducci's. Also, Matthew Karp from Plates sells fresh fish (caught the day before on Long Island) at the Larchmont Farmer's Market, which starts up next month. His prices are high, but the fish is really fresh.

    1. For a trip over the border, in Greenwich, I get mine at The Lobster's by far the best in the area.........small place........small amount of inventory........they change it up daily......a little pricey? yes.......but it's all about the freshness when it comes to fish......isn't it?

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        We buy a lot of fish at Stew Leonards, and generally the traffic is so high, that it is pretty fresh. We also go down to Arthur Avenue and buy fish there. They have a wider and more unusual selection. I tried Apple Market in White Plains and I was impressed that they would clean and filet the fish to order, but we just weren't that happy with the fish in the end. Stews is good for things like salmon, and tuna and other, more usual fish.

      2. There's also Daido Market in White Plains on Mamaroneck Ave....(going toward mamaroneck) by dunk n donuts........they have the freshest tuna i've ever seen.....and other interesting fish as well........super super fresh......check it out

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          Honestly, I find the Lobster Bin offensive. The off putting tell tale smell that hits you when you walk in the door is foul. Drive another 1/2 mile to Greenwich Ave. and check out Bon Ton which is across from the post office. Yes, he is expensive, yes his choice is limited, but it is the freshest fish that is sold in one of the cleanest fish markets that you will ever walk into.

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            Others have recommended Imperial Seafood in Mamaroneck, Kam Sen in White Plains, Eastchester Fish Gourmet in Eastchester.

            Isn't the Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx now?

          2. Thank you all for those great suggestions. I had forgotten about Stew's. I used to go there more frequently when their wine was cheaper and I'd often pick up some fish. I'll have to get back there. And I'll also try some of the other spots mentioned. I never tried Balducci's for fish - assuming that it would be really expensive - but I'll give it a look. (Of course it's not just the expense that's the issue: it's paying a lot for mediocre quality!) And, by the way, yes, the Fulton Fish Market is now in the Bronx but I've never been there. I always assumed that you'd have to go at some hideous early hour. But I'll have to check it out to see if that's true. So, anyhow, thanks everybody!

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              Cant beat randazzo's on arthur ave

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                stews very limited selection, i like randazzos, and mt kisco seaffood, and contis

              2. I used to buy fish at Imperial all the time, but I have found their quality can really range all over the place, plus their prices have gone up (equivalent to Plates at Larchmont Market), and they don't sell dry scallops. Unless I happen to be on the Avenue, I don't go there anymore.