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Apr 21, 2008 07:30 AM

Looking for Russian treats

I had some favours done for me by some Russian co-workers and I would like to thank them by getting some treats from their homeland. I think they are both Beylorussian, but if someone could point me to any grocery/delicatessen where I can find chocolates or something similar from any part of Russia, that would be appreciated.

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  1. Belarus is not part of Russia! Find out if they are Belarusian or Russian before buying them Russian treats. If they are Belarusian, they might prefer something else. I don't know of any Belarusian delis in TO, but I wouldn't be surprised if some items could be found at some of our larger Polish delis like Starsky.

    If they're Russian, you might find something at Gastronom, or any of the other delis up near Steeles and Bathurst.

    1. There's also North Fish in Etobicoke. Great smoked fish they'd probably like.

      1. Thanks, all. I wound up going to Starsky. Man, I love that store...