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Apr 21, 2008 07:05 AM

Tacos at Tacos Matamoros

My wife and I visited Tacos Matamoros this past Saturday for the first time and we're really glad we did. We got there about 1 PM, the place was almost full, but the friendly waitress found us a table. She didn't speak any English, and my two years of high school Spanish (from long ago) didn't go far, but it didn't make any difference.

We had tacos and flautas, washed down with some Tecate beer we purchased at a store on the way to Matamoros. The really friendly waitresses gave us Styrofoam cups for the beer and took our empty cans away. My wife had the small tacos, chicken and al pastor, and I had the large, al pastor and spicy pork, and we split the flautas. We really enjoyed that food.

Almost everyone in the place seemed to be from Mexico (except us, of course). Lots of families as well. It felt very much like being in another country. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

One question for Matamoros veterans: do they serve crisp tacos, or only the soft-shell type? Either way, we'll definitely be back...

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  1. I don't think they serve crisp tacos. I have been twice and have had good experiences both times (although some of my friends report mixed experiences). I also highly recommend the aqua fresca. I would also note that the tacos are definitely the best things on the menu although I did have an enchilada with mole sauce which was quite good (but not nearly as good as the tacos). As good as Matamoros is, it isn't a patch on the ball fields...

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      Yes, I've heard since I posted that they do not serve crispy tacos, and that crispy tacos are not truly authentic.

      Have not been to the ball fields. I guess it's time, before the city runs them out...

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          Sure they are, just depends regionally. Actually your flautas are in that style and sometimes they'll keep with a taco shape, put a filling in and deep fry it. Recently I had this done with a tostada and they called it "tostada relleno"... this was at Santa Barbara Bakery at Jewett and Post Staten Island. They topped it with lettuce, tomato, crema, radishes etc... superb.

          I think what people should be looking for are fresh pressed masa off the griddle tortillas, sopes, guaraches, etc. topped/stuffed with whatever. For some reason, the corn tortillas for tacos are usually grill heated bakery made whereas the sopes etc. are often fresh... probably a combination of customer preference and the labor involved. Same goes with a cemita... it's all about the bread.

      1. Just went here for the first time last night. Wow. Best burrito I've have in my 5 years in NYC. We were in a large party and the reaction was positive across the board. The service also couldn't have been nicer and more accomodating. 20 thumbs up.

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          Went today... we split a pescado empanado torta special and sampled the pastor, carne asada and chicken tacos. Big thumbs up for this place. Next time I'll have to try one of the camarones or mariscos coctels which were selling like crazy. Cute staff and a very macho kitchen... tunes were all over the place from Norteno to post-punky-poo. BTW, I'm going native and only ordering small tacos nowadays... seems proportionally better, less dry etc. Long live Sunset Park!

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            We went yesterday too. After having a huge lunch on SI ( will post about that separately) I just wanted two small tacos. They were perfect. The simple carne plus pico type tacos that you get at at the nuevo cool Mexican places. My DH had three tacos grandes and my DD had enchiladas which she completely scarfed down. Agua all around and the bill was $18. I am off to Mexico next week and I hope the food is as good as in my backyard!