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Apr 21, 2008 06:56 AM

Five Guys burgers coming to Park Slope

I was walking past the corner of 7th Ave and 6th street (where that ugly Bank of America is going in) and I saw a work permit on the space next door (the old D'Agostino's) that says a Five Guys is going in. Yea!

Maybe this will be the death-knell for Brooklyn Burger Bar and then something really decent can go into that space while we all eat burgers at Five Guys.

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  1. Or is it another nail in the coffin for the charm of Park Slope.

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    1. re: elecsheep9

      Good question. I would agree that almost any other burger joint will be superior to the terrible Brooklyn Burger Bar, but having a Bank of America and a chain burger joint coming to Park Slope (across the street from a Barnes & Noble that houses a Starbuck) doesn't warm the cockles of my heart.

      But, to be honest, I'm sure I'll drop my change at the B of A, and then stop in for a Five Guys burger from time to time...

    2. Honestly, not that excited about this place coming in. I have yet to eat there, but only because everyone tells me the burgers are terrible. They just opened one by my office on Bleecker and I wont go in due to a poor review from everyone out there.

      1. Five Guys is disgusting. Never ate at Brooklyn Burger Bar so can't compare.

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        1. re: Peter Cuce

          totally disagree...five guys is solid. at best its an overpriced in and out burger though.

          1. re: sam1

            i dont its as good as an in and out burger, if it was people would be flocking to them all over the city....including myself.

        2. oh you can eat your burger and fries and then walk across the street to your e.r. cardiologist at methodist!

          1. Don't get too excited. These burgers are nothing to write home about. I've stopped in at the Brooklyn Heights branch and they're just perfectly ordinary fast food burgers. Nothing terrible about them, but just completely unremarkable. Dumont Burger and Bonnie's still take the prize in Brooklyn.

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            1. re: oolah

              Agree that the burgers are nothing special -- good fast food burgers, but still fast food burgers. The fries, on the other hand, are quite good.

              1. re: jmh

                Probably third best I've had after In 'n Out and Fatburger. They're solid fast food burgers, but they wouldn't rate anywhere in the city's top 10 or even 25. But they'd certainly rank above Brooklyn Burger Bar.

                I'm not the biggest fan of their fries, and the double (which is standard) is a grease bomb (allbeit a fairly tasty one) - I like the single cheeseburger with sauteed mushrooms and onions, mustard, lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

                1. re: lambretta76

                  i actually like the burgers, dont like the burnt bacon tho

                  i get a little cheeseburger with fried onion and bbq sauce...yum
                  used to get bacon on it but consistently burnt to a bad taste

                  i goto the college point shop
                  not the best but somedays it hits the spot

                  1. re: chefjellynow

                    They deep fry the bacon, which is disgusting. I avoid it, too.

                    1. re: lambretta76

                      That's how they cook the bacon at the Corner Bistro. (If you sit at the bar, you can watch them prepare all the burgers which may or may not be a good thing.) Somehow, though, the bacon comes out worse at Five Guy's.

                  2. re: lambretta76

                    Top 25? Even if you like it, I doubt it's in the top 300. There are countless restaurants that don't even specialize in burgers that produce great ones. I don't often try burgers at real restaurants, but I've had great ones at places such as Balthazar, Savoy, Rialto (now closed), Relish, Diner, etc. The list goes on.

                2. re: oolah

                  Exactly. I don't really understand why we should get all excited about the arrival of a chain restaurant. It's not like we all live in some desolate wasteland where it's impossible to get a decent burger. Bonnie's, Bar Toto, Johnny Mack's. We all could easily list 6 or 7 very good burger joints in the Slope.

                  I'm apprehensive that this could be mark the arrival of a series of chain restaurants in the heart of the Slope. Today 5 Guys, tomorrow a Taco Bell. They'll have no problem affording the higher rents the landlords are charging and the good local places will be squeezed out.

                  1. re: Bob Martinez

                    This is exactly what I was getting at with my earlier post. We've already got a Subway. And when seemingly every empty storefront is being filled by a Bank of America, it won't be long before Park Slope is nothing more than Chains, Real Estate Offices, Bank of Americas and overpriced boutiques that noone ever actually buys things from.

                    Its sad, really.