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Apr 21, 2008 06:33 AM

Cooper's BBQ in Raleigh

Hello -

Went to Raleigh for the Farmer's Market. Thought fins sounded like a good idea for lunch. The sign said it was closed Sundays, but for some reason, it was closed on saturday. Directly across the street was a BBQ place called Cooper's.

Awesome ambience - defintiely a neighborhood join that has been around awhile. coolest feature: pitchers of water and sweet tea on tables in dining area - help yourself.

The food.

Cabbage: Perfectly cooked. Simple.
Hush Puppies: Dense and warm. Not great.
Skins (served in a basket as appetizer): Good. Crunchy and salty
Potato Salad: Excellent
Ribs: Hmmm......vinegar-based. No trace of smoke. Not very good. That being said, the place was packed and everyone else seemed happy with it. Just mentioned it at work, and local folks say it is a favorite place. so, I guess if you like vinegar-based BBQ, it is pretty good.


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  1. did they have anything Qd other than ribs??were they pork or beef,,any chicken on the menu?

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    1. re: orzobino

      No sign of beef. They did have chicken. Interestingly enough - they also serve it fried.

    2. In general, one is better off getting chopped pork in NC barbecue restaurants. Very few serve good ribs (and most don't do ribs at all).

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      1. re: carolinadawg

        Yeah, going to Coopers for ribs would be completely missing the point. Sort of like going to a steakhouse for a fish sandwich. Moreover, Coopers doesn't exactly serve authentic barbecue. Coopers hasn't cooked over wood in eons, so many barbecue aficionados might call it chopped pork, but not barbecue.

      2. Wait... there are people who DON'T like vinegar-based BBQ?