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Apr 21, 2008 05:59 AM

Help me feed the team

I am the irrepressible volunteer for the lacrosse team meals. I need some good ideas for meals to bring to the games, that can travel in a cooler, and be eaten with as little, mess/utensils as possible. I've done the predictable turkey and roast beef roll ups and the pain in the neck burger and hot dog grill. Does anyone have other ideas that will fit the bill for these hungry boy/men? I am not adverse to a labor intensive meal on my end, as long as it's easier to eat than is was to cook!

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  1. I think chicken can be as delicious at room temp as it is hot. My husband loves when I sprinkle skin-on thighs, wings and legs with salt, pepper, paprika, a touch of cayenne, some brown sugar, oregano - really, what have you - bake them in the oven until done, and then finish under the broiler to render the skin. Mix up a potato salad and you'd probably have some pretty happy athletes.

    1. I'd also go with chicken, but instead of messy thighs, I'd grill a bunch of chicken breasts in advance, then make a sandwich bar with rolls, lettuce, tomato, cheese, peppers, and different sauces. Pair it with a pasta or potato or grain salad. Easy eating, different choices.

      1. Pulled pork BBQ and slaw on a bun is good.....also at our tailgates giant subs are always a big hit.

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          I was going to saying any kind of giant sub would be great! Once I baked a giant ham and cheese sandwich in a large deep dish clay baker, using white bread dough. That was a big hit. Ham and cheese baked inside.

          I like soups. Wild rice and turkey, ham with beans or split peas, etc., can offer a hearty meal with bread and or a salad.

        2. How about pasta dishes? Lasagne, baked macaroni/ziti, macaroni salad....
          Chili and cornbread

          1. Two standards are hot sausage cooked with onion and green pepper ( tomato sauce optional) and kielbasa cooked with sauerkraut and onions. Just have to cut the sausages to the length of your buns before you cook them.