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Apr 21, 2008 05:54 AM

CM updates, UBills & Wash Inn

FYI, Uncle Bills (beach location Cape May) is back! Their sign was down all winter but they've got a new one and ready to roll.

Washington Inn is featuring a a pre-fix dinner early dinner special from 5-6 EVERY NIGHT, ALL SUMMER for $20 p/p including apptz and dessert! My sissy went yesterday and said it was delish. I believe on Sundays you can byob wine too.

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  1. That's very interesting about the Washington Inn. That's reason to go for sure. I think the Black Duck is also doing its $19.95 three course early bird special. That's also excellent. I at at Louisa's for the first time this weekend. I wanted to like it. I really wanted to like it. But we found it just OK, as in, I could have made this at home but with more interesting sides. I had the shad filet and roe. Pan sauteed and served with a ginger soy sauce on the side, a scoop of plain brown rice, and some sliced cabbage in oil and vineger. The sauce did nothing for the shad roe. Mom had pan fried flounder with a dill yogurt sauce, same exact sides. Dill sauce was fine, nothing special, but a good tartar sauce would have been better with the flounder. Fish was fresh, however, the portions were rather small, especially the flounder. And I've never been served half a roe sac before. The tasteless bread was verging on stale. For dessert we had the house-made key lime pie and vanilla bread pudding. Both were very good. A lot of folks rave about this place and we're always hearing how hard it is to get a reservation (we took one at 5:15). The folks next to us have been coming for 20 years. They got a plate of complimentary crab cakes that looked beautiful, so I'd recommend trying them if you go. On the other side of us folks got small romaine salads with pinkish tomatoes and a slab of feta. For $7 I expect better. Its a small place, with very crowded tables, which I wouldn't mind if I thought the food was worth it. In short, it was fine if you can't/don't want to cook for yourself, and the desserts were a highlight, but I'm in no hurry to return.