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Apr 21, 2008 05:36 AM

Ashley's in Dorchester

I can't believe it took me this long to venture to my own neighborhood diner. I had heard Ashley's was a good place for coffee and donuts, but didn't realize it was also a yummy greasy spoon diner. My husband and I each had blueberry pancakes with two eggs and two strips of bacon ($5.50 for each). French toast, hash browns, sausage, eggs benedict, etc. are also on the menu. The service is low-key and friendly, and the place is owned and staffed by Cape Verdeans.

Ashley's is next door to Cesaria at 260 Bowdoin Street. There's a city parking lot next door and plenty of on-street parking. We were there at 9am on Sunday morning and it was busy but there was no wait for a table (seat yourself). They also have counter service. They close at 1pm on weekends.

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  1. One of my friends' parents owns this place. They are pretty good. BTW they are Trinidadian not Cape Verdean.

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      We went back this weekend. You're right, they're Trinidadian and, as it turns out, I also know the folks who own the place (they live in the neighborhood). Also, I want to point out that the waitress remembered (from three weeks ago) what juice we like to drink, what meat we prefer, and how we like our eggs. When we came in she smiled and said, "Welcome back!" enthusiastically. So maybe we stick out like a sore thumb there, but I couldn't ask for better breakfast service. FYI...they get busy when church lets out at around 10:30. No wait if you get there earlier.