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Apr 21, 2008 04:36 AM

Favorite stainless steel no handle travel mug?

Looking to buy 2 new travel mugs and have to be stainless steel, at least inside and have no handle. Thought about going to Starbucks after work today, they usually have a good selection. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Richie

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  1. Cooks Illustrated, a couple of years ago, tested mugs just like this and preferred this one: Thermos Stainless Steel Travel Mug with TherMax

    Happy Shopping!

    1. I've got two I use regularly. One is a 3 year old starbucks branded mug, the other
      is a 4 year old plastic Migo. After all these years, the migo still contributes a faint
      plastic taste to drinks. I use it as a backup when the other one is dirty, but wouldn't
      recommend it.

      The metal starbucks mug has some problems: poorly fitting lid, doesn't really keep
      stuff warm any better than a paper cup would. The lid is cheap plastic and twists on
      in the cheapest way. It works, but requires a bit of finesse to get on and sometimes
      it jams and requires a lot of force to get back off. And even though it looks all shiny
      and high tech, it really has almost no insulating properties at all. But it's pretty
      indestructible and adds no discernible taste to coffee or tea. I'd probably buy something
      else next time.

      1. I am very happy with my Contigo Extreme 16 oz from Costco. Very rugged design. I hear that there are two versions - one with material insulation and one with vacuum insulation, depending on seller. Mine are vacuum insulated, which I think is better. Costco sells them in two packs: with and without the handle. The one with the handle has a spring loaded clip so it acts like a carabiner.

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          I also have a Contigo and am very happy with it. I have the "West Loop Contigo" and it's very sturdy, metal inside and out with a sturdy plastic top. Fits into our car drink holder. Doesn't leak at all. REALLY. To drink from it you hold down a button on the side of the lid. The only thing I had to get used to was letting the tiny amount of liquid that would gather at the mouth opening divot drain before releasing the button, otherwise it flicks it up.

          I looked for it online and actually ended up buying it at my local Target for about $19.

          Oh, and it's sleek and stylish. It has a nice smooth feel to the body.

        2. My mom and I both swear by this mug:

          It comes in 14 and 18-oz sizes; I like the 14. It keeps coffee hot for an inordinate amount of time, it's comfortable to grip, it doesn't slosh coffee around. It's nice and durable, and fairly cheap. I tend to lose mine periodically and have to buy new ones, but my mom has had hers for at least five years and it's still going strong.

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          1. re: eliah

            I read one review on this model and the person had said a gel had leaked from inside the unit and into the hot beverage.

            1. re: javaandjazz

              Ummm....well, I've certainly never had that happen, even after accidentally crushing mine under a recliner. I'm pretty sure there isn't even any gel in these things; the product description seems to claim there's just vacuum (low-grade, surely) between the walls of the mug.

              1. re: eliah

                Thanks,my mistake. Just went back and read the reviews there were low rated and couldn't find. I must have gotten it mixed up with another model. Is the inside stainless also? Do you have any trouble with the top? Thanks, Richie

                1. re: javaandjazz

                  The inside is indeed stainless as well. While the top isn't perfectly leak-proof (I wouldn't put it in my backpack probably), as long as the little flippy thing is down liquids will not slosh out of it. It's pleasant to drink from. What kind of problems were you thinking of?

                2. re: eliah

                  Here is the one I saw that had the gel problem. It's the bigger model.

                  1. re: javaandjazz

                    i went and read that review of the 18oz nissan tumbler and from what i can gather, it wasn't a gel substance originally in the thermos...but rather a "pinhole leak" on the bottom where the liquid that the purchaser had placed in the product leaked into the space between the walls. and after quite a bit of time, i guess those liquids stored in there became a "gel". needless to say, that's disgusting. i have 2 nissan thermos' and yes, the cover on the one you have linked to isn't leak proof. the other one i use is a bit larger, but works like a charm and doesn't have a handle. here is the link:


                    1. re: ktown378

                      I'm not worried about leak proof so much, just want it to fit in my car and keep my tea hot.

              2. re: eliah

                Thanks, I went on amazon this morning and bought 2 of the 18oz nissan travel mugs.

              3. Funny I was just talking about this very subject with my son yesterday. He was eyeing my favourite travel mug with, I believe, nefarious intentions. It's stainless steel inside a clear plastic sleeve (there is some advertising logo inside that plastic - can't remember what it is, maybe Starbucks Frappuccino or something). It's easy to hold, the outside remains cool and comfortable and the lid fits snugly. It's slim enough to fit into any holder. I don't have a picture of it but I'm pretty sure I bought it at a second hand store.

                For what it's worth, when my son got out of the car I made sure he didn't take off with my travel mug. A mother's love only goes so far.