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Apr 21, 2008 04:19 AM

Litchfield County foodie and fun trip?

Where would you go so you can eat great food, kayak, bird watch and just relax, oh and what B&B is reasonable and maybe on a farm? Since the gas prices have risen so much Ct is in instead of going further this summer. Thanks and enjoy the summer!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. how about bantam lake area , you have white memorial foundation for hiking bantam lake and river for kyaking.woods pit has excellent bbq, litchfield center many good reastraunts and so much more in a few miles ,have fun

      1. White Memorial State Park in Litchfield for nice walks, possible bird watching. The Lake Waramaug area is a good suggestion. Good eats in Litchfield as has been mentioned, West Street Grille, The Village Rest., both on the center green in Litchfield. Saltwater Grill, which I've not yet been to, but have heard good things about. For some really good pizza in a funky atmosphere, go to Bohemian Pizza, it looks like the building could collapse at any moment, but they make some tasty pies. Out further on Rt 202 toward Bantam is La Cupola for delicious up-scale Italian.
        If you need to get breakfast, try Patty's on Rt 202. If they have the crab havarti omelette on the specials board, go for it, or the spinach mozzarella bruchette omelette is another excellent choice as well as many others.

        1. Lake Waramaug is beautiful, and if you bring bikes along, you can ride the perimeter which is about 8 miles. You can hike The Pinnacle and look out over the lake for pretty views. There are sections of the Appalachian trail in Kent, as well as a great B&B the Starbuck Inn
          You have to eat at the White Peach in Gaylordsville if you want great food, awesome wines and jazz piano for Sunday Brunch and some Sat night dinners.
          Hope this is helpful.

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