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Best Speciality Food Shops in LA

I've been to Surfas in Culver City and Mr Marceau's at the Grove, but don't see a lot of others shops/markets like this in Los Angeles. I love Trader Joe's and Whole Foods too, but where do Angelinos go to get really obscure and/or high end food stuff or quality ingredients.

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  1. Alpine Village deli/market, in Torrance. GREAT bakery, and even better deli. Best house-made sausages anywhere in LA. Of course, all German. Lots of imported German booze. What else does one need??

    1. Penzy's spices, that place near Venice, the Continental shop (For Brit Stuff), Mitsuwa for Asian stuff, or 99 Ranch market, Vendome, Du Vin or Mel and rose, The Little Next Door, Epicure Imports (when they are open to the public) Gelson's, Wally's Wine, The Home Beer Wine and Cheesemanking store (for beer, wine and cheese ingredients-or stuff to do interesting recipes) Tashkent Market for Uzbek food/ingredients and so on, Hte Italian Middle Eastern shop for all sorts of stuff, the Santa Monica farmer's market (wed or Sat) the Epicurian Palate for great bacon (mail order or online), Galco for sodas and beer, Santa Monica Seafood for Fish...

      1. Add to Diana's great list The Beverly Hills Cheese Store.

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          Plus Cheese Store of Silver Lake and Bay Cities Deli.

        2. Other than Surfas, we don't have a Zabar's-equivalent in LA.

          That said, Dean & DeLuca are opening at Fashion Island in Newport Beach this summer.

          Other suggestions:

          Fish King for fish
          Mitsuwa or Marukai for Japanese
          99 Ranch or Hawaii Supermarket for Chinese
          Bangkok or Bangluck for Thai
          India Sweets & Spices for Indian
          Claro's for Italian
          Phu Ky for Vietnamese
          Vallarta or Don Juan for Mexican
          Jons Marketplace for the cheapest Russian and Armenian stuff
          Gastronom for caviar
          Cheese Store of Beverly Hills or Artisan Cheese Gallery for cheese

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            Dean and Deluca are opening fall of next year. I wish, there were opening this year.

          2. Froma on Melrose near Fairfax. Super nice owner/staff as well.

            1. Of course, Cube has interesting stuff.
              I also like MErkato's market for ethiopian spices and stuff, or Rahel.

              1. Not high end but normal spices and food that Jewish and Persian enjoy are chockabloc at Elat (Pico a block E of Robertson.) Stuff like fresh Turkish Delight, nuts, dates, olives, thin breads, pomgranate...

                1. For excellent caviar, foie gras, smoked salmon, and even chocolates, the Petrossian shop in BH is hard to beat. With larger orders, they send you home carrying a zip-up Petrossian insulated tote-bag w/cold packs, in case the refrigerator in your Rolls is on the blink. Later, you can use that sturdy bag to transport Budweiser quarts, demonstrating to co-workers that, even though you're fabulously wealthy, you're driving a Ford truck to the office picnic because you're also a regular guy (if I understand the French-language instructions on the inside flap).

                    1. The Cheese Store in Beverly Hills, or Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica!

                      1. south bay choices: obviously La Espanola. But a new store just opened on Naples in Long Beach called Naples Gourmet Grocer that has some fabulous choices. it's kind of nondescript from the outside, but man, what a selection: Cowgirl Creamery cheeses, Fra'Mani salumi, La Quercia Prosciutto. really great stuff.

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                          Thanks for the heads up, FED. Does this look like the right place? I'll check that out this week when I'm up Naples way.

                          Naples Gourmet Grocer
                          5650 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA

                        2. Forgot about Persian -- if you're in OC, you NEED to go to Wholesome Choice on Culver and Michelson.

                          1. Nicole's in South Pasadena for French stuff. Not as big a selection as Monsieur Marcel's but better prices. Loads of baking and confectionery supplies, both ingredients and tools, plus sausages, cheeses, vinegars and oil, foie gras, duck fat...and she'll make you one heck of a sandwich.

                            Claro's is great for Italian groceries and deli, and I believe there are five locations. I go to the one in Arcadia, and have been to the one on Valley in (I think) Rosemead.

                            1. Porta Via Italian Foods, deli and restaurant, in Pasadena. I still need to go there myself, but I think it's gotten some good marks.

                              1. Guidi Marcella in Santa Monica