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Apr 21, 2008 02:41 AM

Regional or unique Dishes to Los Angeles

Hi all,

I'm kind new to LA and wanted to know if there are any dishes, (sandwiches, salads, ethnic fusions, etc) that are unique to Los Angeles. What are some dishes or foods that have evolved or were invented here, like the Cobb Salad and the Moscow Mule? Are there new foods in Korea Town, Thai Town, SGV that are evolving to the southern cal palette?

thanks for any input!

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  1. Wellllllll..there was a post on this a while back. Someone was doing a paper or report for school.

    I think the fortune cookie was invented here, as was the California Roll (don't quote me on that) the French Dip sandwich, the "california" pizza, the hot dog on a Stick chain (sure corn dogs happened in Texas first, but Hot Dog on a Stick started in LA!), "Rooster" Sauce, the Bob's Burger.

    Probably those annoying "tini" drinks, which take a good martini and turn it into teeny bopper nectar. Eew.

    As for up and comers, I'm not sure. Was Puck the first to do Asian fusion, as his "Chefography" claims? There's always the "Baco" or "Global taco".

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        wow, what makes Oki dogs so unusual? I've never been.

        1. re: adamhgraham

          It's a hot dog or two, rolled in pastrami, snuggled next to some kim chee, and encased in a flour tortilla. I can't remember if there's cheese or salsa involved, but it's possible. Only the hungover and/or stoned need apply, and only if you've already passed the eating Tommy's chiliburgers with no ill effects test.

          1. re: Chowpatty

            2 dogs installed with chili, pastrami, and cheese all rolled up in a giant flour tortilla.