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Apr 21, 2008 02:11 AM

Lulu's in Evanston - how is the all-you-can-eat?

We've been meaning to try this (weekend brunch and Mon/Tues dinner "special" Has anyone tried it? Is it good and a worthy value?

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  1. It's the same food they usually serve, but you can get as much as you want. So if you like their usual food, you'll think it's good. Only you can determine if it is a good value. I don't generally find all-you-can-eat deals a good value, because I can't eat that much at one sitting.

    1. Under what they call their "munch a bunch" special, they are happy to bring you as much as you want of almost everything on the menu. Some of the mains are brought to the table in half portions. Most of the menu is all you can eat; a few items (I think they're the ones called "specialty plates" on the menu; see ) are not available on the "munch a bunch", and a few others are limited to one serving per person. Your server will tell you which ones those are. Desserts and beverages are not included.

      It's certainly a worthy value, if you like their food. I've been there numerous times and have eaten... well, let's just say that I've eaten a whole lot more food than I would normally get for that price.

      As to the quality of the food, there isn't much that absolutely blows me away (like, say, the tom kha gai soup at Thai Sookdee does), but most items are reasonably good, and it's nice to have that much variety, especially in an all-you-can-eat small plates framework. Our favorite dishes have been the steamed black mussels, crystal shrimp dumplings, pot stickers, salmon cakes, and potato croquettes. Go for the quantity and the value, more so than for the quality of the food.

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        Thanks for the feedback - all good points made. We've never actually eaten at Lulu's - just sometimes get carry out to take to the beach for picnics... Like Leek - I can't eat all that much at one time - so "all you can eat" is usually no bargain - and at least at other restaurants you can take home a doggy bag for tomorrow's lunch.... I just like the idea of being able to sample so many different items without the full meal commitment!

        I feel remiss (as an Evanstonian) that we have not yet made it to Thai Sookdee! Is it really that good? Other than the Tom Kha Gai soup - what else would you recommend?

        1. re: Jesster

          Yes, Thai Sookdee really is that good. I like to try a lot of Thai restaurants, and Thai Sookdee is the best I've had in recent years and is the standard I use to compare others. I should add that I like the Thai dishes that are fairly common; by comparison, a few Thai restaurants in the city (e.g. TAC Quick) have some more unusual Thai dishes, such as on their Thai-language menu, but I like Thai Sookdee better for the dishes that I like.

          In addition to their tom kha gai - best in the Chicago area - Thai Sookdee does a superb job on their panang (curry). The lahb chicken (a room-temperature appetizer salad using ground chicken) is great. Their Thai iced tea is outstanding too. The satay is excellent but not all that different from many other places. The pad thai is good but not exceptionally so. Their mango with sticky rice dessert is very very good.

          1. re: nsxtasy

            Thanks nsxtasy, for the tasty feedback. We love good curry and who can resist good Thai iced tea! I must admit that I have never had good Lahb Chicken - but based on your recommendation I might give it another try at Thai Sookdee - since now I MUST try the Tom Kha Gai.... Thanks again!

      2. I enjoy - gives me the opportunity to sample their menu - and it is truly ALL YOU CAN EAT - I have gone with friends and we kept our server busy -

        1. It is fun to get to try lots of different things and they don't make you feel bad about doing so. I haven't been recently but I remember thinking that some items were pretty good and some were just so-so. And, I haven't been dying to go back if it tells you anything. BUT I'm glad I went because I just had to know for myself :) Also, unlike many all you can eat sushi places, you don't have to clean your plate- if you don't like something you can just leave it.

          I love Thai Sookdee as well. They make the classic dishes very well and also have a nice selection. Plus, unlike Cozy Noodles which has a more funky atmosphere (I do love Cozy though), Sookdee is more of a traditional restaurant so IMO it's better if you want to linger for a while... though Cozy is BYOB so it really depends on what kind of night you're after!