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Wedding Planning - Calamigos Ranch


My fiance and I are planning our wedding. How has the food been at Calamigos Ranch?

How does it compare to Shutters and Patina Catering? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. We like food. A lot. Thanks!

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  1. Went to a company Christmas party at Calamigos Ranch many years ago and the food was nothing that struck me as memorable. Only memorable thing was it was a nice place for an event and if you're thinking of having a wedding at night people will get lost finding the place or going home. I ended up on PCH when I wanted to be back on the valley side and I wasn't even drinking.

    1. I was married there and went to a wedding there two weeks before my own. The other wedding had sit-down service, we had a buffet. The buffet was far, far, far superior.

      I didn't interview Shutters or anyplace Patina as it was way out of my budget so I can't compare.

      People still remark about the fruit platters, six years later.

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      1. You should also check Good Gracious! Events. They catered one of our events last year and they are really good! I believe Spago has now started catering weddings. You might want to check them out also. If you're a fan of Sona/Comme Ca, the Food Art Group also does catering... :)

        1. I recently attended a wedding at Calamigos and thought the food to be very mediocre. It was sit-down service. When I got married I used New York Food Company. They run Verandas in Manhattan Beach and La Venta in Palos Verdes. I know that they also do catering outside of their venues as well. I don't know how the pricing compares between using one of their venues to not, but I found the food to be quite good and many guests said the same.


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            I also used New York Food Co. for my wedding about 12 years ago. The food was excellent, and they were quite willing to work with me in designing the menu -- eastern Mediterranean flavors, 3 stations (meat, fish, veg mains). Good value, too.

          2. We're using Auntie Em's for our wedding in June. So far they have been great to work with, came up with an awesome French/Spanish/Moroccan station menu (those are the three places we're visiting on our honeymoon) just for us. They're slightly more expensive than some of the more "typical" wedding caterers, but seem to be a far better value for the money. http://www.auntieemscatering.com/

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              How much $$ is "slightly more expensive"?

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                In total, I think our costs work out to about $80/head for food--this includes all staffing, tax and tips, but not necessarily rental costs or drinks (we're providing those separately, though Auntie Ems will mix them for us). I find that many wedding caterers come in around $60-70/head when you factor in tax and tip, BUT that will often only get you a generic buffet or three-course seated meal. We're getting a pretty extensive station menu (5-6 dishes per station), plus a dessert buffet for that price.

              2. The nicest outdoor wedding/reception I've ever attended was at the Ranch House in Ojai, which can handle up to 140 guests. I don't know if their prices are competitive, but they're posted on their website. I also know that they are booked very far in advance:


                Ranch House
                500 W Lomita Ave, Ojai, CA 93023

                1. I have been to a wedding there and I really did not enjoy the food that much. It was nothing special. My friends had a sit down dinner and the food was boring. I would recommend New York Food over Calamigos.