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Apr 20, 2008 10:25 PM

Wedding Planning - Calamigos Ranch


My fiance and I are planning our wedding. How has the food been at Calamigos Ranch?

How does it compare to Shutters and Patina Catering? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. We like food. A lot. Thanks!

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  1. Went to a company Christmas party at Calamigos Ranch many years ago and the food was nothing that struck me as memorable. Only memorable thing was it was a nice place for an event and if you're thinking of having a wedding at night people will get lost finding the place or going home. I ended up on PCH when I wanted to be back on the valley side and I wasn't even drinking.

    1. I was married there and went to a wedding there two weeks before my own. The other wedding had sit-down service, we had a buffet. The buffet was far, far, far superior.

      I didn't interview Shutters or anyplace Patina as it was way out of my budget so I can't compare.

      People still remark about the fruit platters, six years later.

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        1. You should also check Good Gracious! Events. They catered one of our events last year and they are really good! I believe Spago has now started catering weddings. You might want to check them out also. If you're a fan of Sona/Comme Ca, the Food Art Group also does catering... :)

          1. I recently attended a wedding at Calamigos and thought the food to be very mediocre. It was sit-down service. When I got married I used New York Food Company. They run Verandas in Manhattan Beach and La Venta in Palos Verdes. I know that they also do catering outside of their venues as well. I don't know how the pricing compares between using one of their venues to not, but I found the food to be quite good and many guests said the same.


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              I also used New York Food Co. for my wedding about 12 years ago. The food was excellent, and they were quite willing to work with me in designing the menu -- eastern Mediterranean flavors, 3 stations (meat, fish, veg mains). Good value, too.