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Apr 20, 2008 10:14 PM

MSP-Places by the Riverview Theater?

Moday is date night-and we're going to the movies. Is there any good places to eat nearby (besides the Riverside Wine Bar or the Coffee place?

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  1. Try the Craftsman on Lake and 43rd. I eat there all the time and its always great.

    1. Don't forget to save room for their popcorn though. Mmmm riverview popcorn . . .

      1. The Longfellow Grill is on Lake, right next to the river. Not sure how close you're looking for, but Town Talk and Manny's Tortas also aren't far.

        1. I thought I read that Sea Salt is open. I have yet to try this place but I've only heard good things. It is at Minehaha Park...

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            Sea Salt is open! It opened the first week of April.


          2. I'm not sure if you're into casual Japanesse dining, but Midori's Floating World Cafe is also right around the corner from the Town Talk Diner/Manny's Tortas. Farily affordable sushi and other Japanese.

            Most of the best choices are already listed here. Craftsman, Town Talk, Manny's Tortas, Longfellow, or Midori's would be your best bets with the final decision being what you're in the mood for and price points, in my opinion.