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Apr 20, 2008 10:14 PM

Three Drunken Goats

We were part of the soft opening of this new restaurant, Three Drunken Goats, in Glendale. A welcome addition!

The chef used to work at Cobras and Matadors so the menu was very familiar to us. In fact, we asked about the chef because it was so eerie as we are regulars at Cobras and Matadors. No problem for us, we love Cobras and Matadors and the wine list at Three Drunken Goats very reasonable, as in cheaper!

Three Drunken Goats were not expecting such a hot welcome so they were out of many wines which the owner apologized for and substituted a more expensive wine for what we ordered. They will have wine tastings soon.

We ordered braised pork shank, paella with roasted vegetables (mezzo mezzo), grilled octopus(better at Cobras), crispy striped bass wtih fennel two ways (belissimo!), flatbread w/mushrooms and three cheeses, garlic prawns w/pocha beans.

Look forward to going again. The space is airy. Open kitchen. Warm woods.

2256 Honolulu Ave
Montrose, CA 91020

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  1. Want to add, if anyone from 3 Drunken Goats is listening and cares, would love to see some vegetables on the menu. Roasted asparagus? The paella with roasted vegetables did not do it for us. The butter lettuce salad sounds great but cabrales (blue cheese) makes us wretch.

    1. What are the hours? Are they open for lunch on the weekends?

      1. One of the greatest restaurant names ever!

        1. Based on the address, I take it this was formerly the Goudas & Vines location.

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            Yes, it is the former Goudas & Vines. Same owners, also. And, just to split hairs, it is located in Montrose. As a Montrose resident (Montrosian? Montrosite?), we don't think of it as Glendale. Mebbe Glendale does.

            We strolled by early Sunday afternoon this past weekend, while at the Farmers Market, and they were open for business. A lot of Anderson Valley wines, and many of them were reasonably priced.

          2. I went to 3DG last Saturday with my wife and another couple. The manager told us they were still in a "soft opening" phase. I think a lot has already been covered, but I have to say both my wife and I really liked 3DG. The flavors were very clean with each dish being quite distinct and flavorful without being overwhelming. We particularly enjoyed the braised pork shank, and the bacon wrapped dates stuffed with chorizo. The octopus was also excellent. The ambiance was nice, but nothing amazing. I don't recall if this has been mentioned yet, but they have a wine and beer license with lots of Spanish wines both by the glass or bottle, as well as a some beers, but no liqueur license. I would encourage any Chowhounds in the SGV or SFV to give 3DG a try.


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            1. re: Terahertz

              By George, you're right, yes, in addition to an array of Anderson Valley wines, Three Drunken Goats does offer a variety of Spanish wines, many from the Basque region. It does seem to still be in that "soft" opening stage. I hope to stroll down soon!