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Apr 20, 2008 10:12 PM

Romantic Restaurant for a Proposal (Edmonton)

I'm looking for recommendations for a romantic restaurant in Edmonton that would be suitable for a proposal. I would prefer something a little private as I don't want the entire restaurant to witness me getting down on one knee! (though I know she'll say yes).

Restaurants I am considering:
-Il Portico
-Character's (I was thinking about reserving the elevator shaft room???)
-La Ronde (pictures make it look pretty open and not that private)
-Red Ox Inn (would this one be suitable?)
-Blue Pear (excellent food, but not really romantic)
-Hardware Grill
-Manor Cafe
-Madison's Grill at Union Bank Inn

Am I missing any other romantic options? I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this one, as I would like it to be a perfect night! Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Red Ox isn't really romantic...but best food in the city. It's pretty open, but there is a table at one end that is a bit secluded. They have a floor plan on the website, and would probably let you have any table if you request it when reserving and tell them why.

    I don't think Hardware or Madison's are much more romantic.

    Maybe Unheardof would be good. Warm, traditional decor (maybe to the point of looking like grandma's living room at times), usually fairly dark, and has some more secluded spots. And very good food. And again, personal service so they would probably accommodate whatever you want the evening to be like.

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    1. re: Dan G

      hmmmm.....this is a toughy. Although La Ronde has the views that make it romatice, the food does not compare to the others.
      Characters is a beautiful space, and you could wait until after dinner & take your dessert & drinks to the couch in front of th fire and do it there.
      Red Ox Inn...agree with fab food, but not the right atmosphere.
      blue pear....again great food, not appropriate.
      hardware....too open, too loud
      manor....good setting, good food, not gourmet, if that is important
      il portico...great food, good setting, not sure if there is much for privacy though
      madisons....never been

      have you considered harvest room at Hotel Mac?

      has anyone been to La Boheme lately? very romantic atmosphere, not sure of the food.

      Good luck, keep us posted on where you choose!

    2. Hmmm i really had to think about this one for a while. At first thought with Dan's Unheardof recommendation...I was kind of....I don't know..but the more I thought about it the more I thought, well the food there is amazing, the service is beyond impeccable and yes, they would definately help make it discreet and private, even really special for you. The only thing is, if you are into the hip and trendy, this won't be the place for you. It's definately has the grandma-ie vibe.

      I don't know if there is really any place that private here. So I'd like to suggest you go somewhere nice, beautiful, even fun, for some amazing food and then go for a walk later, say, near the river valley, and get down on one knee and just do it!

      If you do decide on dinner. Make the reservations later than you normally would. That way there'll be less people in the restaurant. Definately make it more private.

      1. Just another idea, but have you considered hiring a personal chef to cook and serve you dinner at home - that could be as quiet and romantic as you'd like! I don't have any recs though, it was just a thought. Good luck.

        1. Elevator shaft at Characters would be perfect. Most of the other private rooms in the city are all 8-30 people. It seats 4 max. Lots of the restaurants that have slightly better food won't have the privacy. And the building is gorgeous. While their food isnt perfect, Shonn is a good chef. I have also always had great service there (their front of the house is particularly good), and with enough preparation, im sure they would help you make it a very special night.

          If i had to pick one of the other ones for privacy, Madisons is the quietest, with a few dividers in the room for some privacy. They also have a few booths. What used to be La Spiga (what is it now??), is separated into very small rooms too. On a weeknight, you could probably get a whole room to yourself. Check out La Boheme ala Cleo as well...i havent been since the late 80's, but it could very well fit the bill.

          Not sure how much money you'd be looking to spend, but other options include renting out a really small restaurant, LGP's suggestion of bringing a chef in is a great one as well.

          Bonne chance!

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          1. re: yen

            violino is what used to be La Spiga, worth a look definitely, I have not been, but heard good things.

            I looked on line at the elevator shaft at character's. I think it would be great! As private as you can get in the city & Yen is correct the service is great, I think that they would really aspire to a great night for you....their wine list is fantastic, and their food is sufficient (my only complaint was with the accompaniments)

            by the way....what time of year are you planning this?
            if you are looking at summer, then again I mention Harvest Room as they have the nicest patio in the city, overlooking the river valley, they may be able to accomodate some private dining there. You can also do in room dining at the hotel MacDonald, where they set up a romantic meal for you.

            On another note, again depending on money you want to spend. You can rent out the muttart, not sure how good the food is tho.