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Apr 20, 2008 09:53 PM

Two People, What To Order At Babbo?

Ok, got the reservation at Babbo. What to order?

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  1. Just went-had:
    Sweatbreads for appitizer
    Pasta: Lobster pasta-they called it macaroni-very good
    Dinner-Guinea Hen-so tasty!!
    The time before that I had rib eye for two that was out of this world!!!

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    1. re: UES Mayor

      I thought the sweetbreads was a secondi and not an app? Can you actually order it as an anitpasti?

      Steakrules will be jealous if he/she saw your comments about the ribeye! :D

    2. What to order at Babbo:

      For two, I'd done two appetizers, two pastas, and split a main, and still had room for dessert.

      Assuming you are adventurous/don't mind offal, I'd do for the appetizers: the lamb's tongue vinaigrette, crispy pig's foot, grilled octopus or tripe.

      For pastas, I love the goose liver ravioli the most. Others like the beef cheek ravioli, chianti stained parpadelle, gnocchi, or mint love letters, but I think the goose liver wins (haven't tried the lamb's brains yet though).

      For the main, the fennel-dusted sweetbreads are fantastic. I've also heard wonderful things about the duck, lamb chop, or pork chop. The mains are HUGE though, like caveman size. You can spot a big rack of meat coming from across the room!

      For dessert, the sorbeti/gelati assortment is fantastic, as is the seasonal fruit crostata. Yum! Have fun!

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      1. re: kathryn

        I totally second kathryn's suggestion: 2 apps, 2 pasta, 1 main, and desserts.

        I have tried everything that's on the standard menu, and I think kathryn's recommendations are right on. The lamb's brain ravioli wasn't that great - the seasoning was fine but the brain flavor was lacking. It became ordinary when the major ingredient didn't stand out.

        For secondi, a lot of the time they have fish as special, and while sometimes they were good, it's not their strongest area. You are safer ordering anything that come from animals with legs....

        As for dessert, if you haven't tried the olive oil gelato at Otto, then you order it here!

      2. I feel like I leave the same message for every Babbo posting. When I go with my boyfriend , we do two appetizers, one pasta and 2 mains and of course dessert. However, I love the pasta so much that last time we got 2 pastas! We love the pumpkin lune--so delicious, it melts in your mouth and also the Garganelli with “Funghi Trifolati” (if you like mushrooms.) Both DELICOUS!!