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Apr 20, 2008 08:52 PM

Poached Salmon Lore

When I was a child I remember my mom telling me about a party she went to where the hostess had such a large piece of salmon that she ended up using her dishwasher to poach the fish. Is this something that is possible to do? Dishwasher poaching in general? You just run the dishwasher with "heat drying" without soap and put the fish in there? Has anyone else done this?

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  1. I have heard of that, too, but have never done it.

    1. Surreal gourmet does this-you can find the recipe at

      1. Oy vey! A few years ago we were hosting a Sunday brunch and I wanted to poach a whole salmon, like 10 lbs. and serve cold. So I wrapped the fish in cheesecloth with lemons, onions, little onion, seasonings and ran through the wash cycle on the upper tray where glasses go. Worked like a charm, fish was moist and succulent. The reason I would NEVER do this again was the smell it left in the dishwasher. I must of ran it 12 times with baking soda to neutralize the odors. The smell kept permeating because every time I ran it, the house stunk up. I thought for a while we would have to buy a new appliance. Not worth it. Either cut up fish or borrow a fish poacher!

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          I wondered about that.....

          Perhaps if I'm ever in a place where I'm about to get a new dish washer I'll keep it in mind. I'd been getting to the point where I was beginning to think that I'd made the story up.