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Apr 20, 2008 07:57 PM

Baby shower luncheon in South Bay suggestions?

Hi there! I am hosting a baby shower in the next month in the South Bay (mom to be is in Manhattan Beach) and need a suggestion for a good luncheon spot? Outdoors would be ideal, but any suggestions are very welcome!! It will probably be about 10-15 people at most. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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  1. You could sit outside at Petros, the Greek restaurant in Manhattan Beach. The food is good.

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      I cannot count how many times I've seen showers held outside at Petros. They must be very accommodating. I think this is your best bet.

    2. Chez Melange, although no patio. Kincaids on Redondo Pier has a nice patio.

      1. My favorite restaurants in Southbay are Christine and Gina Lee's Bistro...but neither have outdoor seating. I like brunch at Chez Melange, too.

        1. I second the Petros recommendation. Corkscrew Cafe may also work. Sit on the upper level and though it's not outside, there's an ocean view and the food is solid. If you want do something less traditional and indoors, Cafe Boogaloo does a delicious brunch on Sundays and the blues club vibe (no live music during brunch) may be fun for the right mom.

          1. I know some may not agree but for convenience Il Forniao on Rosecrans. I have been to a few showers there and they do a nice job.