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Apr 20, 2008 07:45 PM

Sherway Gardens Sushi Stand

Hi Chowhound. i'm a longtime lurker and first-time poster. has anyone here tried the sushi stand in Sherway Gardens? i believe there's only one - it's located near the Apple Store, near the Banana Republic.

apart from my university's cafeteria, my only foray into pre-packaged sushi here in the GTA has been Loblaws, and that's an experience i'd rather not soon repeat.

recently, i've been getting a lot of take-out sushi and leaving it in my fridge, but all the calling and ordering and driving is getting to be a bit of a hassle in my grocery routine. perhaps you can recommend another place that deals in high-quality pre-packaged stuff?

if at all helpful, my regular sushi haunt is Momiji (on Bloor, east of Royal York).



i'd like to thank you all for many a good meal i've had and many a waste of money i've avoided thanks to this board.

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  1. yah Ive had it (I used to work at sherway), its just pretty basic. Nothing terrible, but definetly not good sushi. Its like the same quality as loblaws' sushi, so best to try elsewhere.

    1. If you live near a T&T supermarket, the take out sushi there is of slightly better quality than Loblaws. And it's super cheap, to boot!

      1. It's not good by any means but I wouldn't mind their california rolls or futomaki for a quick meal. The only time I purchase from them is an hour before mall closing time. It's buy 1 get 1 free time or 40% off for 1.

        1. hmmm, i was sort of expecting at least one post to start with: "There's this amazing place..." or "I can't believe you've never heard of..."

          i'm nowhere near a t&t, but if it's only marginally better than loblaws, i guess it's no big loss.

          i suppose the search continues...

          many thanks.

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            For takeout sushi in the west end, I would go to Sushi 2 Go on Dundas west of Kipling. They have a lot of "funky" rolls. Their Salmon Spicy Scallop roll is amazing.

          2. momiji is quite good for the west end...