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McDonald's Iced Coffee ?

Was at McDonald's the other day and had already ordered my usual large Diet Coke when I noticed the new iced coffee offering - the counter girl told me one could order it with or without sweetening (she said they use a sugar syrup). Has anyone tasted McD's entry into the iced coffee wars ?

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  1. I have tried it twice and don't really like it much. I find it is too watery for me and tastes kind of bitter.

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      I agree with callitasicit. It is just regular coffee mixed with alot of ice and some optional flavors.

      What I would recommend that is good and cheap is the iced latte from tim hortons. It's about 12oz and they have the latte machine brew it up into the plastic cup. Make sure to tell them to add the sugar and or flavorings otherwise it won't dissolve when it is cold. Then they ask you if you want milk, cream, or chocolate milk as if you were getting an ice cap. The ratio of latte to ice makes it into a decent cup of cold coffee that tastes like the way a coffee should be. If they added condensed milk then I would say it would be like an iced coffee you would get from any pho restaurant. Even those chinese bakeries makes better iced/chilled coffee than McD's. ^^, IMO.

      The funny thing is that I have only seen this at 1 timmy's. I've been to many around TO and just recently been at niagara falls and none of those places had it. The only one I found that has it is near the corner of bloor and spadina at the NW corner.

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        This sounds like a test market for a new drink.

    2. It has been highly publisized that McD's is trying to move into the coffee wars and it seems like in the teenage demo in my neighborhood it's working. Everywhere I turn I see a teen w/a big cup of the McD's iced coffee. It may be working, because McD's iced coffee is $1.89, much more of a value for someone who gets an allowance vs. what a Venti would cost at $tarbuck$.

      1. I like it a lot. VERY sweet, as they fill it with cream, sugar, and flavoring syrup, but I'll take it over Starbucks bitter iced coffee any day. Plus, you get a huge BUCKET o'coffee for less than the price of a small (grande?) from the 'Bucks.

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          It tastes a lot like Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee, which I love. If you like D&D iced, you'll be very happy!

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            I have tried the Hazelnut iced coffee from McDonald's. For non-coffee drinkers, I think they would like it. For me, it was too sweet and too watery.

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              Megadittos. I stick to the regular iced coffee at McD's. The hazelnut is way too sweet.

              But even at that, not nearly as sickening as the blueberry iced coffee I tried at a DD in RI a couple years ago. Talk about taking one for the team. YECCH!

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              Tastes close enough to Dunkin' that I won't complain, but seems harder on my stomach for some reason - of course, that could be the rest of the "meal" speaking, too...

              (And IMHO - flavored coffees are just plain wrong on *so* many levels.... ick... I can't count the number of times that my allegedly "coffee-flavored" coffee has arrived hideously tainted by Hazelnut... Then again, YMMV! No slight towards flavor afficianados is intended in any way!)

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              I concur - I have been having at least one a day in this heat. I'm sure the reason it tastes so "good" is that is has been tested in the lab for months to the point where it has become addicting!

            4. I haven't tried the McD's iced coffee, but I recently tried and really liked BK's version.

              1. The first time I had it was last year when my mom and I were driving to Nebraska from California. We noticed it in on a stop somewhere in Wyoming and thought we'd try it since we had not seen it in CA. Too damn sweet. I was really thirsty but could only get about two swallows down. I see it's in CA now. If I could order it without the sweet and just the milk I consider another try, but not way with the sweetner. Gack.

                1. I recently had a free coupon for this coffee(regular version) and really liked it. I guess compared to Starbucks the price is ok, but I would feel ripped off if I actually paid $1.89 for something that probably doesn't cost them much more than a nickle to make.

                  1. For those who think it is too sweet...they once told me that the put 4 pumps of sugar syrup into the iced coffee so now I ask for only 1 and they always comply. I have gotten some outlets to give me it with lo-fat milk but others look at me like i am insane and tell me that is not an option.

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                      What's up with that, wellfedred? On a recent road trip, I stopped at a couple McDs for iced coffee, and I got the same response.
                      "I'd like an iced coffee with milk and without sweetener"
                      "It comes with sugar and cream"
                      "Can I have it without sugar and with milk instead of cream?"
                      Blank look...several seconds..."Uh..no"
                      I leave empty handed and hope for a better rest stop soon...

                      1. re: bflocat

                        I always ask for cream and no flavor/sweetener only to see some brainiac start pumping syrup into the cup. I then have them re-do the order the way I requested. It's really an excellent cup of iced coffee so long as they don't muck it up with sugar/flavorings.

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                          I stick to the regular iced coffee and always say quite loudly, "cream and NO sugar." Then of course I taste it before driving off. So far so good; quite comparable to DD's.

                          I don't know about the milk vs. cream but I cannot see why you couldn't get it without sugar.I think bflocat got a bum steer.

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                            Everywhere I've been has it in a dedicated urn (just like the one they use for sweet tea) and it's black and unsweetened. They have Monin-type flavorings and a simple syrup pump for flavor/sweetening and their standard pushbutton cream dispenser that they use for hot coffee. If you ask for it black, no seetener, they can surely give it to you black, no sweetener.

                            1. re: ferret

                              Of course they can. I get it black with Splenda. No problems.

                              1. re: Alfred G

                                Wow...you guys must not live out in the hinterlands! Just kidding...I can get a good cup at the McD's near my work (in the city), but man, on the backroads of PA, OH, and KY, they act like they've never heard of a black cup of iced coffee!

                    2. I've enjoyed their No-Sugar Vanilla version.

                      1. I had a free coupon for either a hot or iced latte. I got the hot. Yeah it was free, but I'd never buy one. It was lukewarm, dripping all over (they didn't wipe it off) and took forever, and the drink itself was watery. My favorite part if any was the whipped cream on top. Which didn't really even melt because the drink wasn't very hot.

                        1. i didnt realize they put liquid sugar in the ice coffee i thought you got it with just cream and ice so i kept ordering them and they tasted like friggen sweet tea it was so damn sugary and i thought it was the cream doing it so i order 1 with no cream and she give it to me and im like damn this is still really sweet so i ask the manager if it had sugar in it and she said yes so she made me one with out sugar and cream just black and ice and i drank it and i donno if she messed up but it still tasted like it had sugar in it so i said screw it and dumped it out on the way home. they are going to give people diabetes putting all the sugar in the coffee and not telling anyone. i think i will stick to the mochas cus i know its got chocolate in it but not all that liquid sugar

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                            Ask for it with "cream only, no liquid sugar". If they don't get it right, return it until they do. I get it at least twice a week and they always do it with cream only and no sugar.

                            Why would a mocha have any less sugar in it?

                            Oh, and try to wedge a period in every now and then.

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                              The small 12oz iced coffee (no cream, sweetened) is 140 cal and 22g sugar.
                              The small 12oz mocha frappe is 450 cal with 57g sugar.
                              I would say there's liquid sugar in the mocha.....