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Apr 20, 2008 07:44 PM

Thanks for the Recs, Here are the Reviews..(PHX)

Arrived Phoenix last Wednesday, flew home are my faves and disappointments along the way. Wish we could have done more!

Breakfasts: We all fell in love with First Watch. I know it's a chain, but we had 6 -12 each day and we all had fabulous meals.

When that closed for the weekend, we went across from the Hyatt to Steve's grill. Decent omelettes, toast and potatoes, nothing special.

Lunch: I only at lunch on day, and that was at Barsmith. Barsmith needs something. It looks really nice, but there's a dinginess underneat that was kind of "ick". Still the tuna sliders were good, but needed a little something more...service was passable. I had to get my own menu, and go get my own check.

We tried to get to 101 Bistro, but they lost their A/C one night, and their liquor license the next. The red flags caused us to switch to Thai Elephant. Everyone but me thoroughly enjoyed their meals, but I thought mine was bland, and not enough calamari.

Another night found us my chance at Sonoma grill....passable....they tried. They were nice, but the food was mediocre.

Best night without a doubt was at Sam's Cafe...the setting, the ambience and the outstanding food were all phenomenal. So relaxing, so fun, so enjoyable. We had 11 of us, and a GREAT meal, and they were very acommodating to our party. We shared corn dusted calamari, the artichoke cheese spread, and then I had the shrimp tacos. Outstanding. And we enjoyed walking around the Arizona Center.

Our conference was incredible, we had a nice stay at the Hyatt, and a great martini over at Networks, the bar in the hotel lobby.

Thanks for all the suggestions.....we had a fun time.

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  1. Thanks for the report. That's weird about the 101 Bistro. I drank some beer there just 10 days ago. Something must have happened suddenly; I'll have to look into it.

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      Yeah, we were bummed, because we all wanted to go. I was tempted to go for lunch on my own, but we had such big breakfasts, I just wasnt up for a big lunchtime meal!

    2. 101 Bistro's food is passable at best. You didn't miss out on anything there.

      As a native Phoenician, I'm a little ashamed that our downtown restaurants plain and simply suck. Aside from Pizzeria Bianco and maybe Cibo and maaaybe Fate, there's nothing worth going down there for (for dinner). It's a shame, especially since we're trying to give that area some life...