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Apr 20, 2008 07:34 PM

Oklahoma Joe's Pulled Pork - KC

As circumstances would have it - it has been a few years since we've ordered from OKJ's -that won't happen again.

We had a bunch of relatives in this weekend and ordered several pounds of pulled pork from Oklahoma Joe's for the big meal on Saturday night: IT WAS OUTSTANDING!

Everybody raved and raved about it. (Even the kids loved it - they took their plates out to the deck and a few minutes later came screaming into the house like banshees (I thought we were finally being attacked by the legion of squirrels that have bunkered down in our backyard) - HOWEVER - they were just requesting (demanding) we not eat all the pork because they wanted more, more, more.)

Goodness - it was so moist and tasty. We finished up the leftovers at lunch and dinner today and it was still excellent.

If you want to have BBQ at a catered event - I can't recommend Oklahoma Joe's Pulled Pork enough.

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  1. It's on 8:11am and I'm now dying for some pulled pork...thanks ;-)

    1. Yes, I love it! I always get the Carolina-style pulled pork, which comes with their spicy slaw on top. I'm not one for always getting the same thing at a restaurant, but I can't bare to get anything else!

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        Fortunately, I bought Jeff Stehney's BBQ video and we now make it just as good ourselves! In fact, we just smoked an eleven pounder Sunday. Our neighbor's (Canadians) thought it was to die for. Three cheers for OJ's!