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Apr 20, 2008 07:14 PM

I've got 6 egg whites and a qt of skim milk...

What can I make? I was going to make plain old meringues with the whites, but that doesn't solve my milk problem--a miscommunique with DH led to lots of milk this week, which we just won't drink. I've got other stuff too (particularly a lot of brown sugar leftover from holiday cooking that never happened), and live across the street from a 24-hour grocery, so bring on your use-up-my-dairy recipes! Thanks, hounders.

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  1. Creme brulee, flan, panna cotta... maybe? Richer with yolks, but probably would work.

    1. Pavlova and a parfait maybe? It will be pretty icy due to the lack of fat, but freshly made could be delicious! And if you get some cream to whip and put on top of the meringue before you scoop on the parfait, it'll be a nice combination of textures.
      Parfait that I'm thinking of is basically ice milk: infuse your milk with flavor/sugar, whisk in beaten egg whites and freeze in an ice cream maker. Very refreshing.

      1. Make smoothies for breakfast - will use some milk but not sure if I would put raw egg whites in. Freeze the egg whites for later. Also, I'm looking at macaron recipes tonight. They are to die for. Check out the posting from a day ago.

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          How about floating islands? Here's one recipe from Epicurious:

          You'll probably still end up with a few egg whites since the custard sauce calls for yolks only, but at least you get to use quite a bit of milk and at least some whites.