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Apr 20, 2008 07:10 PM

Chicken Rico

Wow. What a place - located in the Hispanic part of Eastern Ave. The Chicken is absolutely fantastic. As our sides we had plantains, beans (soooo darn good), rice and yuca that my Fiance really liked (they have special pricing for a half chicken with 2 sides and can of soda included). The check was only $17 for everything - what a bargain. It's sort of a cool vibe too - with the soccer game on the television in Spanish and most of the patrons looked to be Hispanic. I felt like I had left the United States. What a find. BTW - they had diet sodas in the cooler as well as regular soda and fruit drinks - I had some kind of South American diet soda.

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  1. So, how did you and your fiance like the decor? Chicken Rico is definitely in my rotation, but I always get it to go. BTW, did you have diet Inca Cola? (Sort of the color of Mt Dew and tasting a bit like bubble gum?)

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    1. re: baltoellen

      My Fiance didn't say anything about the decor, but elbowed me to shut up while we were eating when I mentioned it was probably the closest that she ever came to being in a Latin American country.

      Diet Inca Cola! That's what it was. I liked it. It sort of reminded me of when I was in Mexico and just ordered any kind of diet soda they had without recognizing what the heck it was.

    2. I went to Chicken Rico just a week ago when Riconcito Puerano,my go-to Peruvian place, was unexpectedly closed for the day. It is very good and dirt cheap.

      Riconcito also does Peruvian chicken, but it's a different, more subtly spiced version. You should try it, but don't stop with the chicken. They also have other Peruvian dishes that aren't on Chicken Rico's menu.

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      1. re: JonParker

        Jon--where is Riconcito Puerano?

        1. re: debit

          (I'm not Jon, but...)

          Riconcito Puerano is on the southeast corner of S. Ann St. and E. Lombard St. (about a block east of Broadway).

      2. If you're in White Marsh, it might be closer (maybe not) to hit Pollo Amigo (used to be Los Amigos II) on York Rd in Towson. I like their beans and rice better.

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        1. re: uac1530

          From White Marsh, Towson isn't really any closer than Highlandtown, Fells Point, etc.

          1. re: Hal Laurent

            Parking's a lot better, though. :D

            1. re: uac1530

              There is a metered lot basically across the street from Chicken Rico. It costs $0.10 an hour until 6 and free after that. (3700 Fleet Street)

              Chicken Rico is my favorite. I love the sides and the chicken is always perfectly cooked.

              Not sure what Hispanic part of Eastern Ave means as all of Baltimore, particularly Southeast, is seeing huge investment by the Latino community.

        2. How'd you like your first plantain?

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          1. re: ko1

            I guess there is not any one Hispanic area - but there are large pockets of Hispanics (Latinos) who live, work and shop near Eastern Ave from about Broadway to Haven street. I've seen lots of Hispanic people over in Greektown as well. It seems that about a dozen years ago I was reading that Latinos were only about 1 - 2 % of the area's population and I do not remember seeing very many Latino businesses and people back then, but now the it seems like the comunity has grown rapidly.

            Ko1, Plantains were pretty good - one of my weaknesses has always been bananas. The chicken and beans - I think they were black beans were just to die for! I think I'm going to head back there again real soon.

            1. re: Whitemarshjohn

              If you're talking all the way over to Haven Street, then saying 'the Hispanic area of Eastern Ave." isn't terribly helpful. The main Hispanic concentration is near Broadway. Highlandtown isn't generally considered "the Hispanic area".

              I was assuming from your description that Chicken Rico was somewhere near Broadway, but from "elnicka"'s post, it sounds like it's actually in Highlandtown.

              1. re: Hal Laurent

                It is in Highlandtown near the corner of Eastern Ave and Eaton, and it's worth a trip.