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Apr 20, 2008 06:38 PM

Fresh Cayenne Pepper growing season

Does anyone know when the season is for this? I assume late summer, but wanted to make sure that I did not miss it? Furthermore, if someone has a good contact for a farm, that would also be great. I am aiming to pickle a bunch to keep me through winter.

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  1. You will need to wait until the summer for sure, but you should go talk to the folks at Terra at the SF Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. In the back, kinda opposite Iacoppi.
    Not sure if she's anywhere else, but she has wonderful chilies, usually dried, but not sure what they'll have in season. She's an interesting woman, ask and I'm sure she'll be helpful.
    Also, Happy Quail, at the same market, and also at the Tuesday SF market once it warms up, has fresh Cayenne in season, it's hot and delicious.

    1. You're right about the season being late summer, but just I saw fresh chilies at Monterey Foods (known to me as Monterey Market), including Hatch chilies and I think Cayenne peppers. I'm guessing these are from the southern hemisphere...but if you're running low on your canned chilies like we are, they'd probably be better than nothing.

      Slightly off topic, but we're obsessed with the olive oil-packed calabrian chilies for sale at Boulette's Larder. They have good heat, and tons of flavor. I've been researching what chili they might be, and I think they're typically called something involving ciliegia (cherry in Italian), but the distinction between small cherry-sized peppers and the larger round "cherry pepper" known to Americans is pretty blurry, especially since both seem to be grown in Calabria.

      If someone has a big yard in a hot part of the bay area, email me off line--I've ordered a bunch of seeds for these and want to try growing them since I've never seen them available fresh in local markets.

      Monterey Foods
      1550 Hopkins St, Berkeley, CA 94707

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        I'm always interested in trying new peppers. I'm in Napa, and warm-weather veggies do very well here. But I can't make sense of your email address in your profile -- seems to be the unintended offspring of web and email addresses.

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          I have grown cayenne peppers the last 2 summers in a relatively cool part of Berkeley, in a yard that doesn't get a great abundance of sun, and they have grown quite well - probably ripening late summer both times. I'd expect the beginning of the farm season to be a lot earlier than that.