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Apr 20, 2008 06:32 PM

Weber grill + paella pan: what do you know?

After several years of yearning, I think I am finally going to get my "real" carbon steel paella pan, with the intention of being able to do the dish on my Weber. (Yay, me!) Here's my set of questions to anyone in the know:

-Given the 22 1/2 diameter of my Weber, what size paella pan am I looking for? I'm shopping mainly on-line, and I note the diameters, but cannot discern if this accounts for the handles. Anyone doing paellas on a 22.5" Weber? Please weigh in!

-Most pans I have found have increased mightily in price in the past year (yeah, I've been mulling a long time); anyone with a nice cheap recommendation for carbon steel paella pans? On-line, OK. (Well, if you're in Minneapolis/St.Paul and have a local rec, that's good, too!)

Thanks much, and looking forward to outdoor cooking.


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  1. cayjohan. I bought a traditional paella pan at "The Spanish Table"in Seattle several years ago and have been using it ever since on my Weber 22.5". It fits perfectly because it measures 21.5" handle to handle and is hand made and hammered in Spain. Check out good luck and remember to season it before using.

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      currymouth, thanks so much for the link (that one didn't come up on my cursory search). Curious about what size you purchased to get the handle-to-handle measurement to 21.5 inches - was it the 38 cm?

      I'm really interested in this particular pan - hope you might know.
      Thanks again, Cay

      1. re: cayjohan

        Got me by the short ones there buddy..... Failed metric and all my tape measures are in inches. I got the carbon steel and seasoned on the grill using bacon fat, It smokes like hell but after about 6 years and treating it like my trusty cast iron pan, It makes a fine paella with a great crust on the bottom{my wife's favorite part}.

        1. re: currymouth

          You know, if you are at all ambitious, I would not mind knowing the inch measurement of that pan - I can do the conversion. Would you mind letting me know?
          I'm so glad to hear your happy with it - I've been doing stovetop paella(in a non-traditional/quasi-traditional pan) for many years and I just want to move the whole thing outside for larger parties. I have an affection for carbon steel (my woks and skillets), so I'm guessing I'm okay with the seasoning aspect. Glad to hear it works for you on the Weber.

          Look forward to a rim-to-rim measurement on the pan (inches okay), as I think you have hit on the vendor I want to use.

          Thank you, yet again,

          1. re: cayjohan

            16.5" rim to rim, and 2.5" deep , slanted sides of course with dimpled surface and red heat resistant handles, weight, about 3 lbs. It is quite a sturdy piece and will last for years.The Spanish Table had sizes from 6 inches to 4.5 feet with all the gear to go along with it.

    2. One of my paella pans also came from The Spanish Table (the Berkeley store) and I use it on the 22.5" charcoal Weber. The pan is the enamel version - less trouble to maintain, and also can create a lovely soccarat (crust on the bottom). It is the 12 serving/46cm/18" version. According to Spanish Table, I could have gone up one more size to the 14 serving/50cm/20" version, but the store was out the day I was there, and I wanted immediate gratification. The measurement is the pan diameter, not including the handles.
      The size info appears to be the same for the carbon and enamel pans.

      1. I was in Sur La Table on Saturday and their carbon steel paella pans are all on sale. You can order on line from them too. Their middle-sized pan is 17"

        1. I see this is an older post, but.... I prefer the 20" pan for the weber. The 22" will fit, but the 20 keeps more of the paella over the coals and allows the fire to vent a little more. The 20" will also fit over 2 stove top burners for a bit of versatility.

          1. We love making paella on our 22.5'' Weber grill. We too got our paella pan at The Spanish Table in Seattle. It's ~16'' in diameter (we are moving and its packed so not sure of exact dimensions). It's actually a black enameled one which though not carbon, works great.

            I'd think about how many people you want to typically feed and go for that pan. We just use tongs to move it around the grill if its too hot and our size comfortable feeds 4-6 (or the two of us with lots of delicious left overs).

            Grilled paella is one of the most wonderful dishes....we just moved home to Seattle from Dallas and I can't wait to unpack and make a fantastic paella with all the wonderful seafood!