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Apr 20, 2008 06:17 PM

Only one night to eat in the FQ, where?

Hi, My father, brother, and I will be staying in the FQ for one night in January. Where should we eat? We are looking for the best most innovative dishes. We have never been to NO before but looked at a couple of menus and liked the looks of Stella. How is this place of lately? Is it within walking distance to Bourbon Street bars, etc? Where else should we look for dinner?

Also we will have one lunch in the FQ. I believe that we are staying at Iberville Suites a block from Bourbon near Canal, I think. We would like to try either Johnny's PoBoys or Bon Ton. Are either of these within walking distance of our hotel? Bon Ton was highly recommend by some clients of mine. Which would you recommend? Or something else close by? Thanks for your help.

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  1. If you want more innovative dishes, absolutely Stella. The duck 5 ways, the sea bass entree, the "fish and chips" are all sensational. If they have a sunfish appetizer, it is great. The gnochhi, and veal/shrimp spring rolls are excellent too. The desserts are not to be missed either. The service is excellent - it is formal without being stuffy or uncomfortable. The wine list is sensational as well.

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      I will eagerly second MikeK's recommendation for Stella! We are new to this restaurant, but were greatly impressed. Everything was excellent.

      From my "in the food business" family, I hear that Irene's [exact name?]. just up the block, is also very good. Have not been, but will try it in September.


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        Irene's is NOLA Italian and quite good, resv. are a must. We prefer the front room. Dont' miss the crabcakes (usually appear as a special). They rest on a bed of maque choux and a slice of fried mirliton.

        Cuvee is excellent... upscale and creative.

    2. If you only have one night go to Stella! It is arguably the best restaurant in town. Johnny's and the Bon Ton are both good but different. Johnny's is a poboy place. Bon Ton is a nicer place with New Orleans creole food.