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Apr 20, 2008 06:16 PM

Ice cream in Paris?

Looking for recommendations whether store a bought brand or shop in Paris? Will be there 9 days come Wednesday.

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  1. My fav: Christian Constant, rue d'Assas/Fleurus. Otherwise, Hédiard is great. And Berthillon a classis, must-try, very diverse flavours. Not to forget the all original, typically Parisian Ben & Jerry's.

    1. I've never had Christian Constant's Ice cream. sounds like a must-try. I'm such an ice cream lover!

      I love Berthillon's ice cream, but thought their sorbets were waaay too sweet. Cloying.

      1. Bertillion, Bertillion, BERTILLION.

        I hope they will have the apricot flavor when you're there.

        Let us know what you thought.

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        1. re: filth

          I second Constant. Close runner-up, Jean-Paul Hévin. For some flavours, Berthillon.

          PS: Berthillon is closed from April 21 (today) to May 1 (included).
          School holidays in the Paris zone!

          1. re: Dodo

            Yes, I know. I walked there this morning. I was one day off. I even made a big deal of it to my traveling partners. They didn't want to go so off the 'beaten path' just to get glaces in the rain. I talked them into it, but Berthillon was closed.

          2. re: filth

            for bertillon, i just can't get enough of the cassis sorbet and, in the winter, the marrons glaces (no accent on this keyboard, sorry!).

          3. Le Bac a Glaces, rue du Bac 75007

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            1. re: papillon0970

              Quite so, papillon! How could I forget about that one?
              A perfect stop after a shopping tour at Le Bon Marché.

              1. re: Dodo

                My husband is not big on glaces nor sorbets - I do however love them when its hot out. But we wont have necessarily hot in the next two weeks. We will be hitting up Constant.

                1. re: Ljubitca

                  This week's Figaroscope Special is about ice cream places in Paris. Some have been mentioned here and there already, but not all.
                  It's in French, but the important thing is that you'll find the addresses and the flavours they recommend for all of them as well. Prices between 2-3€/scoop.

                  PS: It's too late for the OP, but might be helpful for other visitors, now, that summer temperatures are back.

              2. re: papillon0970

                Just had a chocolate sorbet and a prune ice cream from le Bac à Glaces and they were both beautiful!

              3. Pozzetto!

                It's gelato, not ice cream, officially, but it's SO GOOD.

                It gets David Lebovitz's vote, and he's written whole books on the subject of making the perfect ice cream. I haven't, but it gets my vote too.

                Do avoid Amorino's, it's terrible and artificial.

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                1. re: chochotte

                  doesn't david lebovitz sell his ice cream at some of the local stores? does anyone know which stores?

                  1. re: patz

                    I don't think so. He used to experiment with recipies and use local shopkeepers as testers (especially the boys in the fish shop). But I don't believe he manufactures commercially.

                    He was doing salted caramels (I think) through the Brittany salt stall (there was only one) at the Sunday market in Bastille.

                    1. re: PhilD

                      too bad, i got my hopes up for some great homemade ice cream!

                      ooh, i know that stall, i'll have to check it out.