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Apr 20, 2008 04:57 PM

Use for creamy garlic salad dressing???

Long story short, we got a bottle of creamy garlic salad dressing, I don't eat salad, it was bought by mistake because someone thought it was a pasta sauce.

Can you cook with salad dressing or warm it up or heat it or is there anything that it can be used for besides as a salad dressing?

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  1. While in college my son worked at a chain pizza restaurant and he said that the sauce for their Gourmet Chicken Garlic Pizza was just ranch dressing with lots of chopped garlic. I'll bet your dressing would work for that.

    1. i bet you could work it into grilled cheese (say, replace the mayo on a croque monsiuer with that). maybe swirled into tomato soup. some take on mac n cheese - with provolone perhaps. dip your fries into it. dipping sauce for chicken fingers.

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        Marinate chicken in it. I used good ole' Italian dressing long ago, and it was always good. Besides, that will use it up quickly, and you'll feel virtuous for not having wasted any.

      2. You could mix with hard cooked egg yolks and mustard for deviled eggs; spread on toasted baguette/country loaf and toast, then top with parm and toast/broil till cheese is melty; use as a veggie dip; dressing for a cold orzo or pasta salad, or maybe even as a sauce for a quick hot pasta dish --toss with hot pasta.