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Brunching on Eggs Benedict in Austin

I lived in Spain last year and spent the whole year without a single decent brunch. Evidently, the Spanish don’t brunch. The only brunch we had was at a hotel that catered to tourists. It was okay but not great. Eggs benedict is nonexistent. After living in a Mediterranean paradise, I wasn’t looking forward to moving to Austin, however, I was salivating over the idea of having an American style brunch of eggs benedict. So far, I haven’t found the perfect eggs benedict or brunch spot in Austin. Though today I came pretty close, The Eastside Café.

This morning I slept in until around noon. Upon awakening I made a reservation for two at 2:00 pm at The Eastside Café. The woman who took our reservation was extremely pleasant. We got to the restaurant a little early but were promptly seated. The café is in an old house. It is quaint without being fussy. There were many people seated around us but the acoustics were such that we were able to speak at a normal level. The waitress was friendly and prompt.

My husband and I, both ordered the eggs benedict. It comes with a blueberry bran muffin; but I asked for a blueberry blintz instead. When our order arrived it was extremely hot. The eggs benedict comes with potatoes. The potatoes were so hot I had to wait a few minutes to eat them. Some might disagree; but I like it when my food comes out of the kitchen hot. The eggs benedict was good but not great. The hollandaise sauce was a little neutral tasting. I prefer mine a little more lemony and a touch more salty. The potatoes were served without salt. All in all, I would have liked to have had more salt. I shared my blintz and had half of my husbands extremely small, scone looking, muffin. The muffin was good but like I said very small. The blintz was divine. It wasn’t cloyingly sweet or dense like some others I’ve had. The filling was akin in consistency to the filling in Beard Papas cream puffs, extremely light. The blueberry topping was full of blueberry flavor with just a little added sugar. After the meal, I had a cup of excellent coffee. I never felt rushed. I was pretty pleased with The Eastside Café and will definitely give it another try.

Other places we’ve tried have been only fair:

We’ve gone to the Magnolia Café South many times. It’s near our house and sort of a “no brainer”. The eggs benedict is good but I don’t care for the potatoes. The eggs benedict comes with a fruit cup. Several times my fruit cup has had sliced orange with peel and a glued on sticker. I wondered if they had washed the oranges before they cut them up and put them in my fruit cup. The atmosphere at Magnolia is okay; but it sometimes looks a little dirty and oftentimes they play the music very loudly. One Sunday we waited for 45mins for a table (they don’t take reservations). I never order coffee there anymore; It’s just terrible. The pluses are: better eggs benedict and slightly cheaper than Eastside.

Two Sundays ago we went to The Counter Café. I was very excited about it because my husband loves diners. The servers were nice and efficient. I had The Counter Benedict which is eggs benedict with pastrami served over a biscuit. The biscuit was very sweet. It was an interesting dish. I won’t say that I hated it but probably wouldn’t order it again. We didn’t stay for coffee because we couldn’t wait to leave. Throughout our meal we heard the clanging and scraping of dishes and pans. It was loud and jarring. I thought it was kind of on the expensive side for a dineresq sort of place.

Once, we tried the South Congress Café. I saw online that they serve brunch everyday until 4pm. (A side note: I find it surprising that places here in Austin stop serving brunch at 2pm.) The atmosphere is modern casual. The presentation was beautiful. The waitress was nice. The eggs benedict was so-so. It was served with a potato pancake that was sort of lukewarm. I didn’t find it that tasty. It was nice to look at though. I doubt if I would go back. The eggs benedict wasn’t that expensive; but other things on the menu were a little pricey.

On occasion, when we’ve been eating with a large group, we’ve brunched at North by Northwest.
They don’t serve eggs benedict but have a dish called poached eggs which is similar. It’s eggs benedict served on a crab cake instead of a English muffin. I hail from the land of crab cakes, and the crab cake in this dish isn’t up to par. I think the frying oil is not hot enough because it’s always very greasy. Why do I keep ordering it? Because I keep thinking they’re going to get it right. It’s pretty good otherwise. It’s a lot of food. It’s served with a big banana nut muffin and fruit. The coffee is fine and the service is good. I think I’d rather go at night and sample beer and eat hors d'oeuvres.

I haven’t heard and or read about any other good places. I like to keep my eggs benedict under $10. Cheap, ain’t I? I’d love to know what you think...

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  1. I love the eggs benedict at 1886 Cafe in the Driskill Hotel. It costs more than $10 but I think its worth the splurge

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      I went to the 1886 Café a couple of weeks ago. I had the Paris, Texas Benedict which is served on a croissant, with sliced ham, brie cheese and lots of hollandaise and thought it was great. My only problem was the price. It was $11 and didn’t include any sides. I sat inside and liked the atmosphere, old timey. A regular cup of coffee is $2.50; but I guess that's the price you pay if you eat in a hotel restaurant.

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        I also had really good eggs benedict there. The best were at the Hyatt Regency. They were done on a cornbread muffin and I think it came with chorrizo on it and a hint of chipotle in the hollandaise. A really nice, spicy, Southwestern style, with home fries.

    2. You might very much like this, the Four Seasons in Austin just started a special Eggs Benedict brunch menu in their Lobby Lounge on Sundays. They feature a few different varitals on the classic and also offer variations on the bloody mary. Enjoy!

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        I recently looked up the price of this brunch at Trio at The Four Seasons. It's $45 per person. Looks great though.

      2. While I have not tried their traditional eggs benedict, Zax Pints and Plates has a weekend brunch from 11-3 that includes Zax Eggs, which substitutes a crab cake for the english muffin, and is quite delicious.


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          Just got back from Sunday brunch at Zax Pints and Plates. I have to admit I was skeptical. Eating brunch in a bar seemed weird to me. I don’t know why, but looking at the outside of the building, it seemed like it would be dark and oppressive inside. I decided to give it a try because of your recommendation El General. And, I really liked it. I had the traditional eggs benedict ($10). It was very good. I liked the creamy thick hollandaise sauce, and the eggs and english muffin were just right. It came with my choice of cheese grits, fresh tomato, or potatoes. I chose the potatoes. They could have been a little hotter and saltier. My husband ordered the benedict with the tomato side, only three slices, but ripe and tasty. We also had two cups of fresh coffee ($1.50). I was very pleased with the food and the coffee. The interior is spacious with high ceilings and lots of light. I prefer the atmosphere at The Eastside Café a little more; but, Zax is pleasant. Our waiter, was friendly, attentive and efficient, though a little soft spoken. I made reservations this morning around 10am but didn’t need to. There were lots of tables available 1pm. That could have been because it is the first day of football season. Thanks El General. That was satisfying.

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            Went to Zax again last Sunday. It was still good but crowded and noisier, we only had to wait about 5 mins for a table though.

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              We went to Zax on Saturday. It wasn't very crowded at all a little after noon-ish. I haven't ordered Eggs Benedict around town, so I can't compare to others. But, I did love the Eggs Benedict at Zax. My eggs were perfectly poached, and that Hollandaise sauce was really delicious. I think I tasted a little white pepper in it? I ordered cheese grits with mine, which I liked, but they aren't exceptional. My husband got the Banana Bread French Toast... and that was out of this world! Makes me wonder why we don't do brunch more often.

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              Just a little follow up on Zax, now that I have been there more than a few times. The eggs benedict is a little inconsistent but never bad. It comes with choice of potatoes, grits, or tomato. I recommend skipping all of those and getting the french fries instead as a substitute. The best thing about it is that it's never crowded for brunch and never too loud. It's the place we go when we haven't managed to make a reservation or don't want to wait for an hour.

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              I don't know what's going on with the kitchen at Zax. I've had several bad brunch experiences lately. I can no longer recommend it.

            4. You and I have the same tastes when it comes to Eggs Benedict. I would suggest you try Starlight. It's my favorite with Eastside coming in second.

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                I'm gonna have to disagree on the Starlite. Went today and had one of the worst brunches in my life. Both the food and the service were unpleasant experiences.

                1. Vespaio Enoteca is my favorite in town. I'm not sure if it under 10, it might be slightly more. Don't arrive after 1pm, it gets horrendously busy and sometimes the staff just gets overloaded.

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                    I'll second enoteca, although it uses a brown butter sauce instead of a standard hollandaise. It's perfectly savory and the eggs aren't overcooked(unless you're unlucky). The roasted tomato, caramelized yukon gold potatoes and sauted spinach that come on the side are delicious as well. Beyond that, their prime rib hash, polenta and the Crespelle are also very tasty.
                    $10 even

                  2. I am also a poached egg fan and regularly cycle through all the recommendations so far, in addition to Sunday brunch at:
                    Lamberts with Niman Ranch Ham, Poached Egg, & Tabasco Hollandaise.
                    Mansion on Judges Hill with Shaved Ham & Brie Croissant, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise

                    I consider Lambert's Sunday brunch buffet a very good value and the Mansion on Judge's Hill one of the more sublime dining environments.

                    1. Thanks for all your comments. I really appreciate it.

                      I went to The Starlite today. Here's my review:

                      My husband had The Downtowner, for $10, which is two eggs over easy, cheese grits, tater tots, two strips of bacon, a sausage patty, and three baby pancakes. The eggs were over cooked; but when he mentioned it to the waiter, he was brought two new eggs done right. The sausage was very delicious. The grits could have been a little hotter. Everything else he was served was cooked well.

                      I had the Eggs Benedict, for $10. I thought it was good. I think they put mustard in the hollandaise sauce. I've never had it that way but liked it. It would have been nice if there was a little more, hollandaise that is. The ham was tasty as was the English muffin. No sides were included with my order, no potatoes, no grits, no fruit cup. That surprised me. I ate some of my husbands tater tots. The Downtowner was a lot of food; so he didn't mind sharing with me. After our meal we ordered coffee. It came out hot and very strong which is the way we make it at home; so we were pleased.

                      The service was very spotty. The waiter was friendly but inattentive and, for my taste, a little too casual. For example, he took our order while holding an armful of dirty plates. The decor is nice; but the main room is a little noisy. Luckily we were seated in the back room.

                      All in all I thought it was pretty good but am not sure if I’d go back again.

                      Happy Brunching!

                      1. blue star cafeteria has good eggs benedict

                        1. Two weeks ago we tried the brunch at Lamberts. Having sought good eggs benedict, and been mostly disappointed, I was THRILLED by the eggs benedict they served. My biggest 2 complaints with eggs benedict are that some essential portion of it isn't well represented -- the ham is too small or bland, eggs watery or overcooked -- and the sauce is poorly done. Granted, we were the first customers in the place so we had the kitchen's full attention, but this was the best eggs benedict I've had in long memory.

                          1. Lambert's sounds great. There's one big problem. I went to their website and brunch is $25 per person. That's a little steep for me. My husband and I are light eaters. I don't think we could eat enough to make it worthwhile on our current budget.

                            On the other cheap hand, we went to Opal Divine's today for brunch. Eggs Benedict is around $8. The Benedict was cold and had stingy amount of hollandais. So maybe I'm being too thrifty in my search. I've been back to The South Congress Magnolia. It has an inexpensive Eggs Benedict, also around $8 which is pretty good; but I'm still searching.

                            In my original post I said I liked the East Side Cafe's Benedict. However, I've been back since; and it's sort of hit and miss. From now on, if I eat at East Side, I'll probably order the Huevos Mexicanos, so delicious, with a blueberry blintz. Yum!

                            1. Chez Zee also has a brunch menu and one whole page is variations of Eggs Benedict. It's a little pricey. I've had their pancake platter - not worth the money, the breakfast tacos - very good, and the crab cake eggs benedict - also very good. It's certainly not a place I would eat regularly, but for the occasional crab cake benedict, I like it.

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                                I went to Chez Zee today. We hadn't gone there before because it's a little out of the way for us. I thought the Eggs Benedict ($11.95) was good, on par with Zax Pints and Plates. Eggs Benedict comes with potatoes at Chez Zee. They were hot but not salted. We were served croissants with strawberry butter before we ordered. They were tasty. The coffee ($2.25) was hot and fresh.

                                The atmosphere was not to my liking. Chez Zee is not a chain but it feels like one. The staff wears headsets. The service was very prompt but impersonal. I felt a little rushed. There is a live pianist which I appreciate. But, the songs that were chosen were not soothing or leisurely. "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones and "Jump" by Van Halen were two of the song choices. It's a very loud restaurant.

                              2. I agree that Chez Zee has good eggs benedict, as does the original Kerbey Lane. I prefer mine Florentine (with spinach instead of canadian bacon), but I think they're the best. And I love Kerbey Lane's Wheatberry toast...

                                1. i agree about kerby and chez zee.

                                  1. Helind - I'd be interested in your take on Blue Star's benedict. I love it but will admit I haven't tried as many different types as you have. The hollandaise is a bit tart - which I like to offset the creaminess and the eggs are always the right amount of runny for me. What really makes this benedict for me is the english muffin. Blue Star gets all of their bread from New World Bakery and the muffins are just a little bit sour, not like a sourdough bread, but enough to round-out the dish. I love these muffins so much I order and extra on the side. Their benedict is $8.95 and comes with a side of fresh fruit. Blue Star has consistent service and is a lovely place on a Sunday morning. If you like mimosas, try their Pom Secco - Prosecco + pomegranate juice.

                                    Also, I did a quick search on eggs benedict over at Dishola and came up with this list of ones for you to try:


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                                      I went to The Blue Star Cafeteria yesterday for brunch. It may have been an off day for them. I had the benedict. The ham was delicious and there was plenty of it. The eggs were fine, a little underdone for me, but fine. The hollandaise sauce was very thin and there wasn't much of it. The English muffin didn't stand out for me. It came with a little fruit cup which was good. The price was right at $8.95.

                                      My dining companion had the Blue Star breakfast plate. The eggs and bacon were fine. The potatoes were stone cold. The bread was good but when he requested jam only a smidgen was brought out to him.

                                      All and all the food wasn't bad, however, the atmosphere was unappealing. We were seated at a table in the center of the room. The chairs that accompanied our table were very uncomfortable. The booths looked better but were full at the time we arrived. The tables may be too close together as a waitress knocked my chair a couple of times on her way to other tables. I ended up scooting in. Our waitress brought our check before we were finished eating and before we ordered our coffee; so, I felt rushed. The worst part was the noise level. I don't know what it's like when there are fewer people in the restaurant, but at the height of brunch time, it's very loud.

                                      Like I said, it may have been an off day for them, but I don't think I'll give The Blue Star another try.

                                      1. re: Helind

                                        Wow - that's just too bad. I've had better experiences but now that you mention it, we tend to go just as brunch is starting so that may be a factor. Even so, they should be prepared to handle their brunch crowd. I'm sorry it wasn't a better experience.

                                        1. re: Helind

                                          We were there on Sunday and had similar issues with the stingy portion of hollandaise sauce and incredibly loud atmosphere. I couldn't hear a word my husband said over the uproar at the table seated (very close) next to us. I did, however, think that the English muffin was quite good.

                                        2. re: everydayfoodie

                                          Thanks for the tip on dishola.com. I had never been to that site before.

                                        3. I went to Central Market on 38th and Lamar last Sunday with my fiance and had the Eggs Benedict; they were some of the best Eggs Benedict I have ever had. The English muffin was fresh, the eggs were poached near perfect, the ham was a fat cut of quality ham, and the hollandaise sauce was rich but not too rich. Though it definitely is lacking in atmosphere and can seem like a preschool the later the day gets, Central Market at 38th and Lamar has been consistently good to me. You can always sit upstairs to get away from the chaos around the deck area. Caveat: I think breakfast service stops at 11am.

                                          1. Olivia has a fantastic eggs benedict during their Sunday brunch. This is what the menu reads:
                                            olivia benedict, braised short ribs, poached farm eggs, hollandaise, biscuit 16
                                            The portions are large and all items local and fresh. I'd suggest giving it a shot.

                                            1. Rob Balon was at Cafe Blue the other day, and he was showing a seafood benedict that looked incredible. Crab cake and poached egg, with a shrimp and crawfish cream sauce. I'd love to try it.

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                                                I went to Green Pastures a few weeks ago. Apart from the price ($33). The eggs Benedict were just as they should be - fresh muffin, nice ham, almost undercooked egg and creamy but light Hollandaise. The rest wasn't too shabby, either.

                                                1. re: Tapioca Dextrin

                                                  tapioca Dex
                                                  Please give us more details on the Green Pastures brunch.What were the side items?Do they offer bottomless Mimosas?How was the clientele?What room were you in?

                                                  1. re: scrumptiouschef

                                                    I'm not entirely sure there's room to post an entire list of what was on offer. Smoked salmon (excellent) smoked trout (OK). Roast Prime Rib with mustard and horseradish sauces. Seared Ahi tuna, cols chicken with mango chutney, cold flank steak, green lipped mussels (not good) and regular mussels (excellent and spicy), all manner of salady things (i remember artichokes with sun dried tomatoes. There's a seperate table for eggs (tea stained (average), devilled and quiche.

                                                    Then there's dessert.

                                                    Two or possibly three kinds of cheesecake (key lime was good), brownies, a chocolate fountain with marshmallow and strawberries. Trifle and chocolate oblivion. Both looked good. I opted for the bread pudding with creme anglaise. Only my waistline complained :)

                                                    We were sat in the conservatory/sun room. It's a good brunch spot. The restaurant wasn't too busy to begin with - we arrived at just past 11 o'clock. It certainly was pretty busy by 12. The clientèle was a surprising mix as it always is. I always expect it to filled with rich old ladies, but I'm always wrong. They were there of course, but there were plenty of others ranging from family groups with small kids to young couples, to out of place college kids in shorts. Green Pastures doesn't have a dress code, but it's just not a jeans 'n' t shirt kind of place.

                                                    The service was pretty decent considering it was a buffet (last time we went, the service was terrible and the restaurant comped us a free buffet for three). There's endless fruit or milk punch. I'm not a fan of either, but everyone else loves them).

                                              2. Today I tried Taverna. My husband and I both had the eggs benedict ($10). It comes with a choice of bacon, crab or ham. We both chose the ham. The eggs were hot and cooked perfectly. The hollandaise was tangy and creamy. I could have used a little more. The pile of thinly sliced ham was delicious. Though, the muffin was a little on the chewy side for me, my husband thought it was perfect. The Eggs benedict comes with a side of potatos. I thought they were fantastic. They were very favorful. My husband didn't like the flavor. I wish I had the ability to pick out every spice; so, I could tell you what they were spiced with. It's just not my forte. Whatever it was, for me it was great, for my husband it was bad.

                                                I started off the meal with a bellini ($1). I'd never had one; so, I don't have anything to compare it with. It was very sweet and very enjoyable. I'd order it again. And the price was right. We also had coffee ($2) and beignets ($7.95). The beignets were a little tough. They came with some kind of vanilla sauce that was the consistency of pudding. If it hadn't been for the sauce, I would have been very disappointed. I thought the beignets were very expensive for what they were. I really blew out my budget because I was so excited that they were on the menu. It's been a long time since I had a New Orleans Cafe du Monde beignet; but I'm sure they can't be that expensive. And they're so so much better.

                                                Our waiter was charming and worked hard to get us everything we needed. He was clearly slammed though.

                                                As far as the atmosphere. I'm not sure if this was a typical weekend (Memorial Day). I think the acoustics in the restaurant are pretty good. My husband and I could hear each other speak even though the place was packed with 20 somethings talking at the top of their lungs. We heard the table next to us being complemented on their graduation; so, that might have had something to do with the din. We were seated on uncomfortable folding chairs and were packed in like sardines. My chair was bumped my wait staff and patrons several times. Even, with all the problems, I might give it another try. I'm curious about other peoples experiences with Taverna’s brunch.

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                                                1. re: Helind

                                                  I know this may sound odd, but you might enjoy the space and atmosphere of the Hyatt Regency for breakfast. It's perhaps out of your price comfort zone (not sure of the price), but as I mentioned above (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5112...), the eggs Benedict we had at the Hyatt were some of the most unusual I have had, except for the Eggs Benedict, made with crab cakes, we had in MN, on our recent road trip.
                                                  I don't know whether they are still on the Hyatt's menu. I can't tell from their site.

                                                  1. re: Scargod

                                                    Scargod, I had the same problem with the Hyatt website. They have their lunch and dinner menu listed but not their breakfast/brunch menu. So, I gave them a call. Their traditional eggs benedict is $13.75 and their crabcake benedict is $16. Right now, this is a little more than I want to spend. I'm trying to keep it around $10 or $11. I shouldn't even spend that much; but it's one of my little splurges. Thanks for the recommendation. I hope to try the Hyatt in the future.

                                                2. I had a blue plate special of shrimp & salmon cakes topped with poached eggs and a chipotle hollandaise at Eastside Cafe recently, and it was really wonderful. Everything was perfectly cooked and the sauce was lemony, lightly chipotle-flavored, and in the right amount. I was very pleased.

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                                                  1. re: hlk

                                                    I consider that blue plate special every time I go to The Eastside Cafe. I'm totally addicted to the huevos mexicanos; so I never do. Since you recommend it so highly, maybe next time.

                                                    1. re: Helind

                                                      I'll second it. Just beware that it is so heavy and rich, it's (to me) the equivalent of two meals. I also recommend Eastside's Smoked Salmon Benedict. But I think my favorite Austin version is the Hanger Steak Benedict from Lambert's. I know it's a pricey brunch, but it's totally worth it.

                                                  2. I made a big mistake today and went to Austin Java (Original Location) and had the eggs benedict ($7.79). It was inexpensive and bad. The lunch meat type ham had an off smell (not rancid but not fresh), the hollandaise was bland and the side of potatoes was under done. The side of black beans was okay. My husband ordered fried eggs over easy. They came out medium. We both ordered bottomless cups of coffee. No problem getting the first cup but it took us twenty minutes to get someone to give us cup number too. They serve the coffee in big carafes; but the carafes were never refilled. I didn’t go there on a recommendation from a chowhound. I just googled “brunch Austin” (or something like that) and went on my own. Lesson learned!

                                                    1. Magnolia now serves eggs benedict weekdays until 11am. Went there yesterday. It was good. No fruit cup though.

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                                                      1. re: Helind

                                                        The Bakehouse on Manchaca has excellent Eggs B also. Can't vouch for the rest of the menu, but breakfast is great.

                                                      2. Used a Groupon today and went to Fino for brunch. My husband and I both had the Fino Benedict ($14), poached eggs with hollandaise served over sliced potatoes, serrano ham and spinach. Unfortunately we had to send the first round back to the kitchen as the poached eggs were cold. When I complained, they graciously took away our plates and brought us new ones, however, the eggs were only slightly warmer the second time around. The manager came over to our table and explained that they had a hard time keeping the eggs warm as they had to keep the hollandaise sauce at room temperature. I guess it's an okay explanation. I don't understand why I can have hot eggs benedict other places but not at Fino. The benedict tasted good. The spinach and serrano ham was a nice combination. I might have preferred an English muffin. There were no sides included. We also had the cinnamon donuts w/vanilla crema ($6). One order is three donuts. They were hot and delicious. The coffee ($2) was fresh and good.

                                                        We sat inside. The atmosphere is pleasant. The restaurant is loud but designed in such a way that we could easily hear each other. Our waitress was fantastic. The service was great! There was an 18% gratuity added to our check; this may have been because we were using the Groupon. I didn't mind and added more to bring it up to 20%.

                                                        It was pleasant enough; but I think there are other places in town that are a better value. Probably won't be back.

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                                                        1. re: Helind

                                                          thanks for updating this thread as you experience/enjoy eggs bennie throughout the city.

                                                          the only ones i can vouch for are the lambert's version, and if you stuff yourself the price tag for the buffet is definitely worth it.

                                                          and this is coming from an inherently "but i have a BUDGET" person.
                                                          perhaps for a special occasion when you both are also malnourished?

                                                          (ha, just kidding).

                                                          1. re: dinaofdoom

                                                            Lambert's online brunch menu sounds great. Tell me, are the bennies and other "order" items extra?

                                                            1. re: amysuehere

                                                              nope! that is why it's a great deal.

                                                              if you look at the price point for dinner, plus the mixed reviews, that is why i have only tried the brunch so far.
                                                              i'm just not willing to plunk down that much cash for one night out when it might not be stellar.
                                                              so, the all you can eat brunch option is very attractive to someone like me, even with the high price tag.

                                                              most everything is set out on tables buffet style, with a carving station for the meat.
                                                              all the other things like the bennies, french toast, etc. are made to order.
                                                              there is no limit as to how much you can try, but we typically only order 2 things, 1 for each, and share the other.
                                                              the servings are on the small side, but i see that as a plus because you can try other things without feeling committed to one big dish.

                                                              1. re: dinaofdoom

                                                                Can I suggest back to you that you try the boar ribs? They're very unique and tasty.

                                                                I'll suggest we head there for brunch soon. Thanks.

                                                                1. re: amysuehere

                                                                  mmmm boar ribs sound delish!
                                                                  will definitely need to look into them.

                                                        2. Enoteca, with Counter Cafe a close second.

                                                          1610 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

                                                          1. Went to Frank today for Brunch and had the Texas Benedict (cheddar biscuit topped with pulled pork, fried eggs, jalapeno hollandaise, and a roasted jalapeno) $9.75. The best thing about it was the roasted jalapeno. The holandaise was bland. I prefer mine tangy and the rest of the dish was under seasoned. It wasn't cold but could've been hotter. If I ordered it again, I think I'll ask for extra jalapeno.

                                                            My husband had the Franktastic Four $11.00 which is any four items from the a la carte menu. He chose two eggs over easy, hash brown casserole, four slices of bacon and a cheese biscuit (because they didn't have whole wheat toast). The bacon was fine, but I thought it would be better since Frank is such a meat oriented place. The cheese biscuit wasn't that cheesy which was okay because he wanted something he could put jelly on. The eggs were perfectly cooked and the hash brown casserole was excellent. I think the casserole might have cheddar cheese in it. I'm still thinking about it...yum.

                                                            The coffee $3.00 was great! I had decaf and my husband had regular. I tasted his. They were very different but both delicious and fresh, each cup is made to order.

                                                            The hostess was adorable and friendly. Our waiter was excellent.

                                                            The big problem with the whole experience was the volume. Frank is housed in the old Starlight building. There was a problem with the noise level in the old restaurant, and there is still a problem. To top it off there was a DJ spinning very unbrunch like music; it was kind of loud and pounding. I actually appreciate the fact that they hired someone to take care of the music. I wish more places would do that. I might have enjoyed the music choices if it hadn't been Sunday afternoon. I'm not saying it has to be classical or jazz. I just prefer something on the mellow side and slightly softer when I brunch.

                                                            I might go back, but I'm sort of on the fence.

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                                                            1. re: Helind

                                                              Helind - thanks for your excellent reviews on this post........

                                                            2. You might consider The Carillon. They don't do brunch (except during the holidays) but serve breakfast til 11 on the weekends. Also they don't serve the traditional eggs benedict.

                                                              Tejas Benedict ~ $12.00 Poached Eggs| Brie Cheese | Country Ham| Hollandaise | Croissant

                                                              Bevo Benedict ~ $14.00 Poached Eggs | Tenderloin Medallions | Avocado| Pepper Jack Cheese | English Muffin | Charred Tomato Salsa

                                                              1. Apothecary has a good eggs benedict on their brunch menu. They use prosciutto and it has a sriracha hollandaise. I had it yesterday and the eggs were poached perfectly. I might have preferred a more traditional hollandaise vs the sriracha, but it wasn't overdone and I still liked it.

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                                                                1. re: stephanieh

                                                                  I looked online but couldn't find the Apothecary brunch menu. Do you remember how much your eggs benedict cost?

                                                                  1. re: Helind

                                                                    I want to say $8. Could have been $9, but not more than that. Mimosas were $3.50 or $15 for a pitcher. It was well worth it.