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Apr 20, 2008 02:36 PM

Cafe Frida..any good?

What is the word? Is this good for a graduation party for 7?

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  1. I have to say I've enjoyed brunch at Cafe Frida. I really like one of their soups (forget the name). BUT, the service there is absolutely horrible. And I think it's even worse for a large group. Once we went and sat in the sort-of-upstairs area -- we took the entire space -- and the service was worse than horrible. And then they added an auto-gratuity of 20% to the bill. It was terrible and spoiled our experience.

    1. The food was delish, but I do agree with LNG that the service ain't all-that. I asked for cheese enchiladas, which are ON THE MENUPAGES.COM MENU, but was told that they don't do cheese enchiladas (although one comes as a side to a steak entree). I found that very odd.

      1. I think it's very overpriced for mediocre food. What drew you there? Cuisine or location? There are so many better options for a festive occassion.

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          I am looking to bring a group of 8 for graduation. We have some vegetarians. The search has proven to be tough! I am looking for entrees at or below the $20 mark, and something festive and fun. Any ideas?

          1. re: chadradchad

            I think Cafe Frida is fine! It will totally work for your group...It is festive and fun and def great for vegetarians, as well. The service can be shoddy, but if you can deal w/ that, you'll be fine.


          2. re: harrison

            Decent food (and I agree with lng12 that the soups - particularly the chicken - were good) but definitely overpriced and underserved - and boy, did they push their expensive guacamole!