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Apr 20, 2008 02:20 PM

Icy Coffee

So the warm weather has me craving a frappacino, but I hate going to Starbucks. Anyone out there know of an independent coffee shop that does something similar? I'm not looking for cold coffee poured over ice.

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    1. Niche on Queen (west of Bathurst) has a blended espresso drink. they also have "jumpy monkey" drink that is a blend of espresso, chocolate and banana which is amazing.

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      1. re: num nums

        That does sound AMAZING.

        I know it's nothing like Starbucks, but I find myself craving iced Vietnamese coffee. Get them in any Vietnamese restaurant or Saving Grace on Dundas.

      2. Try a Frappe at 521 or Cafe Frappe on the Danforth (or Flavour on Kennedy)- order it medium with milk (metrio me gala), or sweet with milk (glyko me gala). They also have iced cappuccinos and moccachinos on the menu.

        Or try the iced cappuccinos or caffe freddo at the Gatto Nero on College. The caffe freddo is like an espresso granita at Il Gatto Nero.

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        1. re: phoenikia

          Isn't frappe, virtually by definition, made with Nescafe?

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            Yes, it's made with European Nescafe (available at Greek House Market). European Nescafe is spray-dried, rather than freeze-dried, so it froths when it is blended. The flavour of European Nescafe is also a little richer than Canadian Nescafe for some reason. It isn't possible to make a good frappe from Canadian Nescafe in my experience.

            There's actually an art to preparing a proper frappe and achieving a dense foam. Right amount of nescafe: water: sugar: milk. Some versions use condensed milk, rather than regular milk, resulting in a creamier drink. I've also had a goat milk version in Greece.

            Since the OP mentions icy coffee in the subject line, I thought I'd mention frappe. I'm pretty sure the "frapp" in the frappuccino had something to do with frappes- they've been around in Greece since at the World's Fair in 1957.

            A medium-sweet with milk (metrio me gala) frappe is less sweet, and less icy than a Frappuccino, but it is a icy, blended coffee drink served by independent coffee shops that hits the spot in warm weather.

            1. re: phoenikia

              When I was a kid in New York, a blended drink made from ice cream, milk, and syrup was called a milkshake.

              When we visited my mother's family in New England, ordering a milkshake got you milk mixed with syrup. To get a "New York milkshake" in New England, you needed to order a frappe. A frappe always contained ice cream but didn't contain any coffee. However, in Rhode Island, the most popular flavour was "coffee milk", which contained coffee syrup, but never coffee or ice cream.

              When my wife lived in Greece, a frappe was instant Nescafe with (always) Ioli, canned milk, and sugar. Never any ice cream or brewed coffee. I've found that Greek/Turkish type of coffee makes a wonderful iced drink, but she told me that no self respecting Greek would use anything but Nescafe.

              (None of which tells us anything illuminating about "Frappucino".)

              1. re: embee

                Your wife is correct, a Greek (or even a Greek Canadian) would only use Nescafe for a Frappe. It has a foamy textural quality that can't be achieved with brewed coffee.

                In Toronto, it seems like most people order their Frappes medium with milk, but in the parts of Greece I've visited lately, it seems like frappes without milk are equally popular.

                Iced Caffe Latte, Caffe Freddo, etc. are available in Greece, but they use espresso, to make them.

                Perhaps this isn't illuminating, but wikipedia claims the word Frappuccino comes from Frappe (being the word for Italian milkshake) and Cappuccino.

                Looks like my guess that Frappuccino had something to do with Greek Frappes was wrong.